How to Use Branded URL Shortener For Brand Awareness

How to Use Branded URL Shortener For Brand Awareness

Do you ever wonder why 77% of B2B marketers agree that building brand awareness is crucial to their company’s success and growth?

Increasing your brand awareness has always been a challenging task. To grow your business, you need a set of strategies that you can implement and enhance your brand visibility. One of the best strategies for the marketers is using Branded URL Shortener, which can help you increase:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Conversions
  • Revenue

In this article, you are going to learn about how early-stage startups, businesses, and influencers are using Branded CTAs, URL Shorteners, and Bio links to enhance their brand recognition.

What is Branded CTA?

Branded call-to-action is a bridge between marketing and sales. Everything that you have done for your marketing campaign to convert a potential customer to become a paying customer depends on this key factor: Call-to-action.

Here we take an example of AdEspresso is using a clear and concise call-to-action for their banner advertisement on their blog. “Start Your Free Trial Now!” is the first thing when you look at it.

While using the call-to-action, make sure to use the CTA button color that stands out against the background color. Colors like Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Orange are used widely.

Let’s take a look at another example which is a summit paid advertisement from Animoto using a call-to-action along with a branded URL.

The third example for the branded CTA is from Replug which can be used to add the branded CTA to any link that you are sharing to your social media channels.

Imagine having your content shared on social channels showing the branded CTA to any visitors who clicked on this link.

What is a branded link?

Branded links are simply a short form of URL. You can easily make it memorable and share it with your audience on social media channels.

Taking an example of a branded link, the long URL is:

And after applying the branded URL shortener, it could turn into something like this:

Branded links are made up of 3 components:

Domain: Your unique brand name. e.g. cstu (a shorter version) for the ContentStudio

TLD: What you are using for. e.g. news, link, bio, etc.

URL Slug: Your unique keywords that represent your link, e.g. webinar, sales-tips, content-marketing-hacks

Why use Shorten Links in the First Place?

You probably ponder, why do I need a Branded URL shortener?

Although, I can share all of my links directly to my social media channels, then why?

Well, we got you here. So, here are few other benefits that you can reap while using a branded URL shortener:

  • You can add call-to-action to your shared links. If you are sharing someone else content with your social channels to become an authority, you can get extra traffic from your shared links.
  • Start collecting leads from your shared links.
  • Using Retargeting pixels, you can easily create a custom audience and then later convert them into paying customers using retargeting ads.
  • Track links. Especially, if you are running Facebook or Google Ads, you can measure your marketing campaign efforts using link attributes.
  • That’s not all it, there is much more that you can do by using a Branded URL shortener such as inserting UTM parameters, Changing destination URL depending on the country/region from your traffic is coming, tracking affiliate commissions.

Now, you might think, how can I create branded links for my business. That’s where Replug comes in.

How to create branded CTAs, and Branded Links using Replug

Replug – Get extra traffic from your shared links. Exciting to know?

Yes, that’s right. Replug allows you to create the branded CTAs and branded links you can use to get extra traffic from your shared links.

To get started with Replug, you need its account in the first place. You can sign up for the 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

What is a Brand in Replug?

Before we jump into creating a brand, first you need to understand what exactly is Brand.

A Brand can be your website or business under which you can create different campaigns and links. In a nutshell, a brand is a unique identity for your business.

Brands in Replug help you in managing distinct entities separately instead of jumbling all the links and campaigns in one place. 

Creating a Brand

Once you are logged into Replug, you need to create a brand and add the required information there. Here are the following steps that help you in creating a brand. 

Creating a Brand

What is a Campaign in Replug?

A campaign with Replug means that all the features with Replug can be applied on the links through the campaign settings. 

A campaign is created against a Brand and all the links are created against a campaign. This means that all the settings applied on the Brand and Campaigns reflect on the links and how they perform. 

The campaign settings with Replug include options like setting up CTA’s, third-party custom widgets, and retargeting pixels with Link shortening being a default feature with us. 

Creating a campaign

After creating a brand successfully, you need to move to the next step which is to ‘Create a new Campaign’. From there, you can choose any campaign type as per your strategy for that particular Brand. Follow the steps to create your first campaign:

Creating a campaign

How to create a perfect CTA in Replug 

Once you are done choosing the campaign features to include in your current campaign, set up CTA if you chose that in the previous step. 

Setting up a CTA is simple. You have to choose from a few options as shown below. You can choose a type from Button, Link, and a Form.

  1. Show as a Button: If you want the Call-to-Action to appear as a button.
  2. Show as a link: If you want the button to appear as a link.
  3. Show the Opt-In Form to collect leads: If you want to generate leads through your shared CTA’s choose the form option as shown in the screen-shot below.

Once you choose from any of the CTA Types, click the themes option to select any theme for the CTA from the drop-down list.
You have 6 theme options to choose from for your CTA. This relates to the appearance of the CTA over links that you share.

  • Social (Classic)
  • Social (Modern)
  • Banner
  • Exit Intent.
  • Pop-up
  • Scroll Box

Creating catchy CTAs

Once we are done with the theme and type of CTA based on our audience, we create content for the CTA as shown in the screenshot.

There are no limits to your creativity here, as you can create catchy Call-to-actions.

Why are Aesthetics Important?

You can always provide a better view of the CTA to your audience. You can contrast or match CTA with the content that you will share upon which this CTA will be visible. 

Choose the colors for Background, text, button, and button text. You can also set the position of the CTA to bottom-right or bottom-left. 

Turn on or off the pop-up sound. 

What are Branded Links and how to create them through Replug?

Once we have set up the campaign types and nature, we configure the links. It means that we enter the long URL to Brand or want to shorten it. 

Branded links with Replug have all the features and settings about links. 

Once you try to create new links, you choose the campaign against which you want to create shortened URLs. 

Afterward, you can enter the long URL that you want to shorten.

Once done, simply click on Save Link or choose from more options to configure short links according to your needs and the type of audience you are targeting. 

The few options to further configure your links are mentioned below. 

  1. Password Protected: If you want a few selected people coming across a deal, you can always password-protect that link.
  2. Link Expiry: If your campaigns are time-bounded in nature, you can always set an expiry date for your link. Your link will get invalid after that date and time.
  3. Customize Link Preview: Choose how to show the link as a post for your audience to engage more through Social Media.
  4. Customize Favicon: Just upload an image of 19x 19 pixels and the favicon of your choice is there. This increases the possibility of more conversions through CTA clicks. 

How you can use Bio-Links for your Social Profiles

Most Social networks allow you to share information and links about your business or passion which redirect your audience to your sales or landing pages. For example, you can add necessary and relevant information on the ‘About section’ with Facebook. However, with Instagram and Twitter, this is not possible as these platforms do not allow you to create or set clickable links inside the platform anywhere. 

Currently, Instagram has an option to enter a single link to your Bio and Website. “The link in bio” means the clickable URL appearing in your Instagram profile description, which provides essential information about your business and your products.

You only get ONE link on Instagram, so why not make it count by creating your page for your Instagram bio. Think of it as a landing page to direct your Instagram traffic to your prized content. These buttons link to your most requested posts, recent content, email sign-up, shoppable content, shortcuts to top hits, and more! 

A few ways to use your link in bio include: 

  • Promote a sale or upcoming discount. 
  • Draw attention to a product launch. 
  • Send people to a landing page or lead magnet. 
  • Give additional information about yourself through an “about” page. 
  • Link to your most popular product. 
  • Invite people to get involved with a competition or giveaway. 
  • Send people to a popular blog post.  

Bio Links is one of the most effective features every marketer dream of. Do you know how it works in Replug? 

Replug introduces the powerful feature named Bio links. It assists you to create a well-designed landing page or build a presence on the various social media channels in order to entertain your audience and convert them into your paying customers in all possible ways.

Replug makes it so easy for you to hold all social media links in one customized page, let the audience select their favorite social channel where they can access whatever they want, and drive more traffic towards your web page.
Here is the detailed guideline which aids you to set it up and learn how will it benefit your business.

Bio Links From Replug:Create a Stronger Marketing Impact while Social Sharing:

Measuring your branded links performance

Measuring branded link performance is the most necessary action of every marketer to understand how its brand strategy working.

We all know Brand is everything. It’s an opportunity for a marketer to remove doubt from the minds of the worried customer and answer their biggest concerns head-on to stand out in the market.

Measuring your brand link performance is not about collecting likes, comments, and leads to your website. In reality, it’s about understanding your audience’s pain points, the reasons they buy your product, create ways to blow people away with your usefulness, and make buying decisions.

For all this, you need an appropriate and powerful tool which is Replug.

Replug is an all-in-one solution for short branded link management. It helps you to create a unique brand with exclusive links to enhance your digital presence, create a different campaign for better conversion, and add a team member to monitor for managing each brand activity effectively.

It empowers you to make a better decision by analyzing your brand marketing strategies. You can also track engagement matrices against the content you share on your social media channels, measure KPIs such as click performance, conversion, visitors by country, visitors by source, and much more to build brand visibility and authority in front of the huge pool of audience.

Sharing content with your audience using branded links via ContentStudio

Sharing branded content is a great way to humanize your brand and engage with the potential audience. It helps you to lead nurturing and present your brand the way it will impress the audience’s mind that prompts them to convert to your paying customer. 

Having a brand with well-research and defined content can bring your company more leads and enhance your company’s growth. 

Now, take a deep breath and tackle with the right content, at the right time with the help of an appropriate tool. Therefore, sharing branded content is an art, but how you present it to your audience and convert them into your sales is logical. 

Here we take an instance of ContentStudio that makes it easier for you to work on your branded strategies in diverse ways which you’ve never done before. ContentStudio is a social media management tool that aids you to manage your social media channel wherever and have a dashboard where you can examine your entire social media presence under a single shelter.

Replug has been integrated with the ContentStudio. Now you can share branded content with your audience over your favorite social media channel, improve your brand perceptibility by creating sort branded links, and add appealing CTA to attract more customers’ attention to your website. 

All you need to do is to discover engaging content, share it on social media channels, change variation and add hashtags if you want to, add Replug CTA and you are good to go, Here you have a quick view of it. 

Final Thought

Branded URL is something more user-friendly and inspires the audience. It aids you to develop a connective relationship with the customers, build brand authority, get more clicks, and attention from the audience on your shared content.

By using the right tool like Replug that assists you to find a key piece to get quality traffic to your website,  which you can’t afford to miss out on.



About the Author

Sadia Umer works on putting together high-quality content for Replug customers to read. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading and trying random life experiments.

Use Branded Short Links to Generate More Sales: Here's How

Use Branded Short Links to Generate More Sales: Here’s How

In today’s day and age, businesses pursue social media marketing, online advertising, and influencer marketing strategies to generate more sales, but somehow overlook small things that could move the needle.

There are several areas where small tweaks influence sales such as search engine optimization, page layout, call-to-action-buttons, website colors, page loading speed, site font, and many more. You might stumble upon loads of content around these topics, and I’d tell you right off the bat that there is nothing wrong with it.

However, at the same time, most of us miss out on some opportunities that exist, but we aren’t exposed to them. This is where folks like us come in and help guide prospective customers through content marketing. Therefore, one of the most underrated digital marketing tactics is using short branded URLs for generating more sales.

The common perception of branded short URLs is that they are for the ease of the users; it’s true that short URLs look cool and easy to remember, but the story doesn’t end here. I want to uncover the potential these short URLs have and how to leverage the use of branded short links for business.

Have you ever thought that converting a long URL and clunky URL into a short URL?

What if I told you that you can generate more money through website sales with short URLs?

If it sounds interesting to you, you better stay here because I’ve thought this through.

You’re about to discover:

  • Why branded short URLs are better than original long URLs
  • How you can make more money with short URLs
  • How a blogger or marketer can get more visitors to the website through short URLs
  • How short URLs can generate more sales

SAAS companies and marketing agencies aren’t the only ones that need such handy tools; internet marketers and pro-bloggers also get their hands on such tools for the following reasons:

  • The online tools make their workflow faster
  • There are several task management tools to improve productivity
  • Influencers highlight tools that could help the audience
  • Mentioning online tools/software could lead to collaborations

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the cream of this article.

Introducing Replug

Introducing Replug

Replug is a one-stop-shop for creating branded short URLs for your website pages or blog posts, and take your social media marketing to the next level. It’s a URL shortener that is designed to get your more attention on social media without being pushy.

You may have used several URL shorteners that were designed just to generate short URLs for the long and funky URLs. Replug is unlike any other URL shortener that does a single job.


The interesting thing about the Replug tool is that it’s home to so many features that can help bloggers and businesses in several ways. If you have been trying to bring website visitors to your website through social media, then Replug should be your go-to URL shortener to generate short URLs that you can track.

Not only does it provide the URL shortening service, but it also gives you clickability analytics, meaning when a visitor clicks on your branded short link, you can track it using Replug.

One of the biggest challenges of website owners is to cash in on the social media following; they constantly share their content. Plus, they try to share others’ content to spice things up. When someone shares other’s content, it sparks the conversation and that’s how the engagement begins.

However, there is a caveat: sharing others’ content doesn’t bring eyeballs to our website. What if I told you that you can now share others’ content and still bring visitors to your website? This is where Replug comes in.

How to Setup Your Branded Short URL in Replug

Once you have signed up for your Replug account, add a brand to your Replug account to get started:

The next thing you might want to do is to add a custom domain. Go to the Replug account settings from the top right corner.

Click on the Custom Domains option to open the custom domains settings:

Now add a custom domain by clicking on the Add Domain button.

Fill up the form with your domain settings. It will require domain information such as the domain URL, 404 redirection link, branded domain, and DNS configuration. Consult your domain name registrar for the DNS configuration.

Why Use Replug for Generating Short Branded URLs

If you have been doing business for a while, then you might know that it’s not easy to generate sales. I reckon ignoring the branded short URLs might be like leaving money on the table. So take a look at how branded short URLs can make you money along the way:

Clean Short URLs

Let me be honest with you, no one likes long URLs. Some websites have clunky URLs that contain a number of parameters such as page IDs, UTM codes, category names, and many more elements. Therefore, it’s safe to say that such hefty URLs don’t appeal the visitors at all.

One of the benefits of Replug is that the user can use their own branded short URL while sharing content. It means when you’re sharing a friend’s article, you can use your branded short URL instead of a friend’s link.

Have you ever preferred a YouTube video’s short link over the original link? I have done it a million times. The reason is that the short URL of a YouTube video looks concise and doesn’t take up much space in a social media post.

It’s far more convenient to use a short URL, especially when you’re sharing content on social media. You may have noticed that some newbies share long URLs of e-commerce stores or publications that don’t appeal at all. Social media is a busy space, so it’s hard to grasp the attention of the audience. Therefore, it’s essential to pay close attention to small details.

Replug can be a fantastic tool to generate clean short URLs for your social media marketing campaign. If you’re curious about what good Replug can do for you, then keep reading.

Sharing Others’ Content

Social media growth isn’t a one-way road, meaning you can’t just hope to get loads of content shares without sharing others’ content. The chances are, you haven’t thought this through because nobody ever told you the importance of sharing others’ content. No worries; you’re in good hands.

If you have been following social media experts, influencers, and pro-bloggers, you may have noticed that they spend time finding and sharing good-quality content. Most of them have a social media content mix in place that consists of their content and others’ content.

You might wonder: does sharing others’ content help us? And the answer is yes, it does help us. Let me explain how it works. When you share others’ content, here’s what happens:

  • You get noticed by the author of the content you’re sharing
  • It begins the engagement process between you and the content author
  • It often sparks a conversation between you and your followers
  • You get to share valuable information with followers without publishing a fresh piece of content

Since you’re curious how sharing others’ on social media help us, let me shed some light on how Replug fits in here and does wonders.

Replug is a URL shortening tool that doesn’t only generate short URLs for you to share on social media, but instead, it also drives social media traffic back to your website.

The way it works is quite fascinating; when you find a compelling article or video to share with your audience, all you need is to add the link to your Replug account to generate a short URL for sharing on social media. When the visitors open the link and land on the respective page, they also see a call-to-action pop-up from you to check out your website as well.

Once you’re driving more traffic to your website, it means you have a fair chance to increase your leads and clickability on your website.

So now you can imagine how you can generate more sales just by using a URL shortener tool.

Click-through Analytics

Content creators and social media managers fancy analytics, whether they’re social media statistics or website analytics. It’s essential to keep an eye on the content performance to drive your content strategy and social media marketing to the next level.

One of the perks of going through your analytics is identifying the winner content and double-down on the top-performing content. Once a brand or blogger finds well-ranked articles or videos, the progression becomes easier towards reaching a similar audience.

A URL shortener without click-through analytics is a waste of time and money. I’d be devastated if you create links, get clicks on them, and unable to track the performance of those links.

If you’re wondering, how come it’s devastating that someone isn’t cashing in on the clicks they’re getting? Here’s why: it’s hard to understand your audience’s intent, put out valuable content, and get traction on your site. Once everything seems to be working, but you aren’t tracking the clicks looks like a missed opportunity.

What if I told you that you save yourself a lot of time and energy using the best URL shortener?

One of the reasons why I like Replug is the analytics feature. The user can instantly access the analytics report from the dashboard and go through the short link metrics in detail. The report showcases the total number of clicks, unique clicks, conversions, and conversion rate.

Therefore, short link analytics is a huge advantage of the Replug tool. Once you induct the short links properly into your social media marketing strategy, you’ll go gaga over the results.

Insert Retargeting Pixel

Retargeting is crucial to online marketing. It’s a process of reaching out to the specific audience that has been to your website before. The reason why social media expert rate retargeting strategy so high is because it helps you reach the visitors who have previously shown interest in your ad or content. A retargeting campaign could generate leads or increase the conversion rate.

Since Replug brings visitors back to your website, it makes retargeting possible across multiple social media platforms. All you need is to connect the Retargeting Pixel with the specific social media platform.

To set up your retargeting campaign with Replug, go to your account settings, and click on the Retargeting Pixels option.

Now select the desired social media platform for adding the retargeting pixel. Grab the code from the respective social media platform and add it to your Replug account.

Once it’s done, you’re all set to retarget the audience on the social media platform.

Make Custom Widgets

A huge competitive edge of Replug over competitors is the enhancement capability. The custom widget feature is one of the features that make this URL shortener stand out from the rest.

Replug is flexible to make custom widget adjustments, meaning you can add third-party custom widgets to your campaign if you want to replace the default widget. It means that you’re free to use tools such as Optinmonster, Sumo, Poptin, Convertful, and others as a custom widget.

Furthermore, you can display an embedded video from YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video platform in your campaign using a custom widget. Additionally, you can insert a quiz snippet from BrandQuiz, Outgrow, SurveyMonkey, and more.

To enable a custom widget in your campaign, go to the Custom Widgets option from the account settings, and add the custom codes to the pop-up.

Once you’ve added the custom widget, you can select the respective snippet during the campaign setup.

Add UTM Tracking

UTM is an acronym for the Urchin Tracking Module, which is a URL parameter used in digital marketing and online advertising to track the source of website traffic. A UTM parameter is attached to the destination URL in a campaign to record and analyze the traffic.

Replug comes in handy when running a social media campaign and tracking the performance across multiple social media platforms. If you’ve run Facebook ads or Google ads, you must have seen the UTM parameter option during the ads campaign setup.

Some beginner social media users who explore digital marketing areas often get overwhelmed by the UTM tracking and chicken out.

To get your hands on this piece of code, you need to generate a UTM preset and assign it to the URL.

To capitalize on this facility in Replug, go to account settings, and click UTM Tracking.

Then, add a UTM preset to assign the UTM tracking the URLs.

Multiple Integrations

One of the essential elements of digital marketing is email list building. Most social media experts and digital marketing experts recommend building an email list from day one. Some pro-bloggers regret that they didn’t start building email lists when they were starting blogging. So learn from others’ mistakes and start building an email list right away.

When visitors are opting for your email newsletter, it means you can reach out to them directly via an email; it eliminates the gateway like an ad platform or social media channel to connect with the followers.

It’s fascinating to see that Replug integrates with a number of popular email marketing softwares such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, Freshmail, Drip, Campaign Monitor, SendPulse, and many more.

Do you know what this means? It means once you integrate your Replug account with your favorite email marketing platform, you can directly send the subscribers from Replug to your email list.

Are You Ready to Create Your Short URLs?

I have unveiled how branded short URLs can turn things around for you. If you have been digging into this topic or looking for a URL shortener, then you might want to get your hands on this excellent URL shortener. I’ve tried to elaborate on why Replug is such a fantastic tool and what it has to offer to bloggers, social media influencers, and businesses.

I started using this tool a while ago, and I’m fascinated by the benefits it offers to the users. I have used various URL shorteners for affiliate links in the YouTube description or social media description, but they never provided much under one umbrella.

Replug is truly a one-stop-shop for creating short URLs and generating more revenue by driving the visitors to your website and converting them into subscribers.

Would you be interested in trying out this URL shortener?


About the Author

Hassaan is a blogger and freelance writer. He has published articles on SEMrush, ThriveGlobal, BlogPress, FreelancerMap, and many other popular publications. He writes about freelancing techniques, tips, and career growth. Subscribe to his blog.

How To Build Brand Recognition using Short Links

How To Build Brand Recognition using Short Links

When we talk about branding, we more emphasize the landing page and the brand logo. Why is it so? Have you ever noticed the branded link?

Without any doubt, brand logos play an essential role in your marketing success. It gives your product a brand reputation, the first impact on the audience, and makes you distinct from others.

On the opposite side, brand url is the short URL that is customarily based around a brand’s name, link, and the engaging content you want to distribute with your audience on the relevant social media channel.

How can branded links aid you to build brand awareness?

Branded links do not only help to build brand credibility but also grant to establish a trustworthy relationship with the audience. It gives an idea about your product and represents your brand identity on all social media channels worldwide.

Branded links are also known as vanity URL. The URL is more memorable, looks fine, and user friendly.

If we talk about today, there are thousands of links shared on social media channels.  Marketers embed links in email, video, social channels, and more but they didn’t know know how it works.  At this point, the vanity URL plays an integrated part.

How does it work?

Branded link assists you to grow your business, represents your brand in front of the audience, enhances product visibility in the market precisely, creates the possibility for the audience to clicks on the URL, and converts them into your actual customers.

Let me give you an example for your better understanding.

The branded link is based on three basic ingredients.

  1. Domain:       Your brand name. E.g ( ContentStudio)
  2. TLD:              Here you have to consider your niche market. (.io)
  3. URL Slug:    A keywords that you will use against the target audience to get them to know what you have for them.  (Growth-plan)

3 Reasons You Should Brand Your Links

We’ve identified three primary reasons for you to enhance your brand awareness with the help of a link shortener.

Track the conversion and enhance the Click Through Rate

To track the branded link performance is one of the hands-down most effective approaches.  Marketers have to play a role as connective tissue for their customers to attract and hold their customer’s attention to the website.

Branded link helps you to get the idea of how your shortener URL acts all over the internet. It can give you quality insight that aids you to re-create the strategy if needed to compete in the market.

Selecting the right tool to track the conversion and improve Click through rate is another essential thing we need to give attention to.

Replug is one of the best options to enhance your marketing activities. It provides you valuable data in real-time, sees your visitor by demographics such as gender, location, and informs you about which post gets more click on the social media channels.

Track the conversion and enhance the Click Through Rate.

Enhance Your Links’ Appearance

Branded links do not only help you to enhance brand authority, but it also looks neater, eye-catching that prompts the audience to click on it. On the other side, it is easier to share a short URL than the complicated one.

If we talk about ourselves, we would prefer to share a short URL than a long one. Having branded links will help you to stand out with your product in the market and creates a route for the customers to read, copy and share on their social channels that serve marketers to get organic exposure on various social networking channels.

When you are using a vanity URL, you are avoiding the generic URL that you got from the defaulted link shortening services. Those links are kinda cheap and messy to understand or share.

Here we take an example of Jenn Herman. She is an Instagram Expert. She has used a branded URL and promoted her brand.

Enhance Your Links’ Appearance

Improve Your Site’s Search Rankings

Well, we all know, most of the markers more concerned with organic growth. Link shorteners help you improve your search engine ranking organically rather than investing hundreds of dollars on it.

Google doesn’t indicate vanity URLs. It is the most precious thing for marketers to create different branded links to represent their product in various foam. People preferred to share short links more often that help you to rank your brand SEO.

Let’s take ContentStudio as an example here.

ContentStudio has created one branded shorteners link to promote their brand features.

Content Planner

ContentStudio illustrates the planner feature in a detail to give a concept to the audience how it works for you and your business success.

Branded URL:

You may click on the website to get to know more accurately.

As Matt Cutts said, “Shortened links still pass anchor text and the page rank”. Branded links with the target keywords give you a safe anchor text that you can use for the backlinks opportunities.

Are you hunting to get a branded link shortener?

If yes, then you have to select a tool that helps you in this matter. Although, there are numerous tools out in the market that we can use for link shortener.

But the point is: which tool do we prefer to create captivating branded links?

I’ve experienced one of the fantastic tools that serve me in all possible ways. It’s called the Replug.

Replug creates naive ways for marketers to build brand recognization all across the world using fascinating branded link shorteners.

It enables you to monitor, refine, and shorten your long links with powerful call-to-action, branded link shortener retargeting pixels, and efficient analysis.

Let’s watch a video that demonstrates how Replug is valuable for your brand recognization.

‘Every link you share on social media is an opportunity to advertise your business. How?’

Do you want an answer?

Here is an article that explains the Benefits of using Branded Short Link and 10 effective link shortening tools accessible in the market today.

Final Thought:

Branded link plays a vital role at all stages of the marketing funnel. If you genuinely want to keep your brand on the audience’s mind, then you have to create a branded link that consists of your brand name and the message you want to convey to your audience.

The other thing you have to consider is to select the right URL shortener tool that assists you in that way. Replug is one of the most convenient tools you must strive for once.

We have shared three crucial reasons with you. You can use to build a branded link shortener to gets better results and improve your SEO ranking.

We would love to hear back from you.

About the Author

Sadia Umer works on putting together high-quality content for Replug customers to read. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading and trying random life experiments.