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How to Get More Views on LinkedIn: 9 Proven Ways

Arslan Jadoon
4 minutes

LinkedIn isn’t just a social network; it’s your digital passport to the professional world, connecting you with like-minded individuals across diverse industries. Your LinkedIn profile is your virtual business card, offering a snapshot of your identity and capabilities.

Elevating your LinkedIn presence goes beyond mere self-promotion – it’s about forging meaningful connections, fostering engagement, and creating growth opportunities. 

If you’re eager to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, buckle up as we discuss nine practical tips to amplify your profile and skyrocket your post views for unparalleled engagement.

1. Craft compelling content

  • Create valuable content

Elevate your LinkedIn game by crafting content that speaks directly to your target audience. Identify your audience’s needs and interests, and deliver tangible benefits, immediate results, or fascinating insights. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about what your readers want. 

Utilize a mix of text, infographics, gifs, and videos to keep your content diverse and engaging. Employ writing techniques such as short sentences, line spacing, emojis, storytelling, and visuals to enhance readability.

  • Republish Content

Unlock the potential of your content by republishing it strategically. According to research, not everyone visits LinkedIn multiple times a day, so reposting content (with a 10-day gap) can increase reach and engagement. Focus on delivering unique insights with each repost, ensuring each post feels fresh and valuable to your audience.

2. Complete your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your professional identity. Make sure to complete it. Ensure you have a standout header image, use your professional name, invest in a professional photo, and craft a compelling summary showcasing your talents. 

Keep your work experience, education, certifications, and specializations up-to-date. Growing your network to at least 500 connections significantly boosts visibility.

3. Shorten the links you share

Long, unwieldy URLs can detract from the professionalism of your content. Replug’s link shortener not only cleans up your links but also provides valuable tracking metrics. It’s about more than just character count reduction – crafting connections that resonate with your audience.

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4. Maximize Engagement

  • Respond to comments

Engage with your audience by responding to comments on your posts. This not only pushes your content back to the top of feeds but also establishes a connection with your audience. Thoughtful responses create a sense of community and encourage future engagements.

  • Re-share other people’s content

Expand your network and visibility by re-sharing content from other LinkedIn members. This not only puts you on their radar but can also make you visible to their network. Use this strategy to build on others’ insights, reinforcing your thought leadership.

  • Get your employees and executives involved

Harness the power of employee advocacy by encouraging your team to engage and share company content. Employee posts can reach over 5X further than official company posts. Implement processes to notify the team about content creation and leverage employee advocacy platforms for streamlined content sharing.

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5. Tag people and pages

Leverage the power of tagging to drive attention to your posts. Tagging influential individuals or relevant pages can not only attract their attention but also increase visibility to their networks. Use tagging strategically as part of a team-wide strategy to amplify your reach.

6. Use hashtags

Utilize the potential of hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Choose relevant and trending hashtags, but keep it limited to around 5 per post. Aligning your content with popular hashtags can connect you with individuals and groups interested in similar topics.

7. Diversify your content

Diversify your content to keep your profile fresh and appealing to different audiences. From text and image posts to engaging videos, document carousels, and interactive polls – incorporating variety adds depth to your profile and resonates with a broader audience.

8. Consistent posting

Posting regularly sets a rhythm for your audience and benefits the LinkedIn algorithm. It’s not just about frequency; it’s about establishing reliability. Consistency builds anticipation for your insights, updates, or industry thoughts, encouraging views and engagement.

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9. Visual content

  • Try native LinkedIn videos

Embrace the power of video content on LinkedIn, focusing on native videos for a better user experience. Use captions for accessibility and convenience. Simplify video sharing across your team using platforms like ContentStudio.

  • Post regularly

Consistency is key to maintaining a vibrant LinkedIn presence. Post updates regularly, aiming for at least 2-3 times a week. Test different posting days and times to align with your network’s online activity. Use social media scheduling tools to manage regular posting without overwhelming your team.

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Why craft engaging content on LinkedIn?

Crafting engaging content on LinkedIn is crucial for boosting profile visibility, expanding your network, and creating valuable connections.

How does Replug enhance URLs on LinkedIn?

Replug’s link shortener improves the appearance of URLs on LinkedIn by making them cleaner, more professional, and trackable, enhancing overall content presentation.

Why is posting consistently essential on LinkedIn?

Posting consistently on LinkedIn is vital for building audience trust, staying relevant in feeds, and maximizing the algorithm’s benefits, resulting in increased visibility.

What is the role of scheduling tools in LinkedIn marketing?

A social media scheduling tool plays a crucial role in LinkedIn marketing by enabling users to plan and automate posts, ensuring consistent posting frequency and optimal audience engagement.

How do scheduling tools help manage multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently?

Scheduling tools streamline the management of multiple LinkedIn accounts by coordinating posts, ensuring consistency, and optimizing content delivery for efficient social media marketing.

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