Replug – Product Updates: Spring 2020

Hi Replug Family!

It’s been a while! I hope everyone’s doing well. Let me catch you up to new features and updates released by our team this Spring.  We are determined to make sure you get the experience to our platform; so that you stay productive, healthy, and focused!

Password Protected Links

In a time where everything’s online, and nothing seems to be secure, we understand how valuable privacy is to you!

That’s why with this new update, our users are able to make their links password protected!

So, you can share links with only certain people that you trust.

This feature is available while creating a link:


Make sure to enter a password that contains 6-12 characters, as shown below:


When a user opens a shortened link it will ask the password. On authentication, the user must enter a password and will be redirected to the original URL.

Ultimately, that’s how you make your link-exchanging secure!

Import Links using CSV File

A new feature has been added to Replug Links.

Now, a user can upload a CSV file containing a link and a slug column.

A user can specify which column is for link and slug, as shown here:


Also, if the slug is not provided against a link, replug will generate a random slug for that link.

For instance, it will generate a random slug for ContentStudio URL:


With this feature, we hope to offer you higher flexibility in terms of achieving your outcome!

Link Expiry

A user is now able to set an expiration date to a link.


This feature is available at the time of Link Creation.

When a user opens an expired link with the date that has already passed, such as this:


He will be redirected to alert page with the error “The link is expired”

We are always aiming for better link management and this is just paving the way to that!

Filter by brands in the links section

We have added a new addition to the filters under the links page. Now, you can filter the links based on the brand.

Measuring your brand performance along with their links is just a click away now.

Filter By Brands

Total no. of brands limits issue resolved

Previously in Replug, if you had created 5 brands and archived one them, you were still not able to create a new brand.

However, this issue has now been fixed! If you archive any brand you have created, it will not be counted as an active brand.

By excluding archived brands from the limits, you will be able to create new brands without reaching the limits of your plan.

Remember to archive inactive brands to make way for new ones.

Added Results Per Page for Links

Tired of dealing with the list of endless links? We’ve got a piece of exciting news for you.

Now, you can increase the number of results per page using the Replug links section.

Shows 10 Results Per Page

By default, the limit for the Replug Links results per page is set to 10.

I hope you like these updates. Let me know in the comments how you plan to use them!

About the Author

Mariyum is a writer and a photographer at heart. She's also most passionate about traveling!


Brand New Replug UI. Let Us Amaze You!!!

Replug is getting a comprehensive overhaul

We have been hard at work to build a new and improved Replug for our valued customers. Based on your valuable feedback, we have restructured Replug from the ground up. This solid foundation will be the basis of a technically advanced tool capable of transforming the way you create branded links, share, and track them.

We’ve made some serious improvements to your favorite link shortener. Let’s explore.

A Captivating UI

The Replug interface has received a fresh makeover. A tantalizing new design and an exquisite layout welcome you to an enhanced experience.

With advanced functions and all the handy statistics above the fold, the new dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of your account’s performance.

Other charts include click performance, conversion performance, top countries, and visitor referrals.

The goodies do not stop there…

Upcoming Features

We have planned to roll out a series of new features, enhancements + improvements that are going to help you get more website traffic and cement your brand authority.

A few flagship features are

  • Deep Linking
  • A/B Campaign
  • Password Protected Links
  • Geo-Targeting Links
  • Bridging Pages
  • Advanced Link Monitoring
  • Zapier Integration

These and many more will help you brand, share, track, and analyze the URLs you share.

A new direction has been set for Replug to emerge as a state of the art innovative tool for link management and brand building.

So stay tuned as we will keep revealing awesome new features in the days to come.

We are confident you will love them.


About the Author

Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

UTM tags - Replug

UTM Tracking Through Replug

One of the main objectives of Replug is to crunch raw data and present it in a meaningful form. This data is helpful to our clients in determining the nature, especially demographics of their website visitors. Analyzing the data, you can then customize your marketing campaigns to yield significantly better results. Let’s learn how.

UTM parameters are customizable pieces of text which allow analytics software such as Google Analytics to track campaign traffic. Adding them to the end of a URL can help you figure out which email campaign brought in the most web traffic or whether a certain call-to-action in that email generated more revenue.

The UTM parameter will help you determine where your website users are coming from along with which of your campaigns are performing better than others. This information will give you in-depth insights as to which specific campaigns, channels, buttons you should replicate for more traffic.

How to Add UTM parameter in Replug

There are two ways of adding UTM parameters in the links you share.

1. Directly from the Dashboard

Login to your Replug account. On the main dashboard where you create quick links, you will see a “+Add UTM” parameter.

Here you can directly set the UTM parameter for a link you are about to shorten. Put the link and click “+Add UTM” button. The following dialog box will appear.

Fill in all the sections with appropriate data e.g.

Campaign name: Set a separate name for each marketing campaign in Replug

Medium: Shows the nature of the link e.g. CPC, email, etc. 

Source: Specifies where from exactly the content is generated e.g. Google, Facebook, etc

Term: Identifies search terms

Content: Identifies what specifically was clicked to bring the user to the site, such as a banner ad or a text link

After setting the parameters click to create to generate your branded link with UTM parameters.

2. Creating UTM from side Menu

Click on the option in the top right corner of your screen. You will see “UTM Tracking” in the drop-down menu. Click on it to create your UTM preset as shown below.

This way you can save time and instantly attach appropriate parameters with a specific campaign. You can then login to your Google Analytics accounts and watch the data fillup right in front of your eyes see by selecting the real-time tab.

You can further navigate to Aquisition->Traffic->source/ medium to see all the UTM tags you created and the detailed traffic insights they are generating.

Let us know what you think about this feature.


About the Author

Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

Encrypt SSL - Replug

Replug Updates

Improved Scalability for a URL Shortener

With the recent influx of new users, we saw a huge increase in traffic on the URL shortener which led to downtimes during the peak traffic.

To tackle this problem, we have scaled our infrastructure, which is now auto-scalable, capable of serving up to 50,000 requests per minute.

Alongside, we added an uptime monitoring so that you can monitor the system status:

URL Shortener - Replug

Custom Domain Registration and Encrypt SSL

We have updated the infrastructure of our system. This helps you to avoid any kind of custom domain registration errors.

Once you have added your domain to the platform, the next step is to point CNAME in your domain registrar’s DNS. If you would like to redirect your root domain, please try adding @ or www. Some of the registrars do not allow the @ option, for that you will have to add www as a HOST value.

CNAME – Canonical Name:
HOST: @ or www

However, if there is a working website on your root domain, we recommend using a subdomain such as or Then follow the convention below.

CNAME – Canonical Name:
HOST:  links or track or (whatever subdomain name you)

If you don’t want to use a subdomain, you should use a different domain that doesn’t have any website working on its root URL.

IMPORTANT: You need to point through CNAME to our URL shortener to avoid SSL error or update the IP Address / A address ( to avoid connection errors the future.  For more details on how to add a custom domain, please read the following article.

We sincerely hope that the above-mentioned improvements will elevate your Replug experience, enabling you to achieve better ROI from the branded shortened links you share.

About the Author

Wasiq Naeem is a content and digital marketing veteran who is passionate about his writing. Extensive research and producing high-quality content is just another day at the office for him.

Replug's latest Integrations

Replug’s Latest Integrations to help grow your email list: Episode#4

“Reaching the inbox is not your goal___ engaging people is.”
For Marketers, Email is an influential part of their business success. With the Advancement in Technology, Email Marketing has become essential for the business and its growth. It’s the most cost-effective and convenient way to convey the message to the audience and keep them updated. 

Matt Blumberg, the CEO and Chairman of Return Path says that we need to be laser-focused while creating content. Try to find ways to keep the audience engaged with your product or brand by targeting the right audience.

Replug has introduced third-party integrations with some of the finest Email Service Providers to help you procure the leads/subscribers for your business.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at our newest integrations.


FreshMail comes with a profound design where you can create appealing Newsletters without having a technical background. You can design brochures that give an image of the product or brand to the audience’s mind. It creates ease for the people to create a design for their product using the Freshmail template. It facilities you to gather more leads by using glorifying programs and e-commerce courses.

FreshMail Integration - Replug

Connect Replug and FreshMail:

Now, you can proficiently handle the FreshMail account using Replug, under a minute.

Once you are successfully logged into Replug then go to Settings and Click on Integrations from the drop-down menu. You will see a list of integrations. Find Freshmail and click on Connect to integrate with it.

Freshmail integration

Pop up follow:

To get into the FreshMail account. You need to follow a pop-up that requires the Name, API key, and API Secret key. To access the API key. Login to the FreshMail account.

Hover over to  User icon > Settings > Plugins and API on the left side of the dashboard. Click on the Integration located under the Plugins and API.

Finding API key in Freshmail

Moving forward, input API key and API Secret into the field of the pop-up and Connect your FreshMail account with the Replug.

Connecting Freshmail with Replug


MailChimp is an online email marketing platform where you can create a unique campaign for representing your brand in the market and automate your work. It allows you to target the right audience with the right message at the right time. You can email your client, customers, codify the activities, time, and staff with Replug.

Before starting the process of connecting your Replug account to MailChimp. You must log in to your Replug account.

Mailchimp Integration - Replug

Integrate your Replug account to MailChimp.

Going ahead, Go to the Setting on the top right side of the corner. Click into Integration and the following list of integration will appear on your screen. Click on the Connect button in front of MailChimp.

Replug Integrations list

Input Credentials:

In the next step, you need to input credentials that contain Username and Password for future processing. If you don’t have an account of Mailerlite then you can Sign up and add your credentials into the field.

Connecting Replug with Mailchimp


After adding, you’ll be asked to select the list which you need to connect with Replug.

Connecting Mailchimp with Replug



MailerLite is another superb social marketing platform for small businesses, where you can not only build up the content using images and videos but also add a countdown timer that dynamically shows the time remaining until you launch a product. It’s more user-friendly, you can edit your content, manager subscribers, and monitor the campaign reports with statistics.

Mailerlite Integration - Replug

To access the Connection with the MailerLite, you must need an API key. For this purpose.

Connect to MailerLite:

Go to Settings, Hover over to Integration from the pull-down menu. You can see the API key in front of your screen, now you can copy it.

Finding the API in Mailerlite

After getting this, you need to connect with the Replug account. Go to Settings just like we did in the above integrations.

Locate Replug:

Settings > Integration > MailLite > Connect

Replug Integration list

Then, you’ll be asked to put your MailerLite Account Name and API Key. Paste API key here which you had copied.

Add API Key:


Finding the API key in Mailerlite


About the Author

Sadia Umer works on putting together high-quality content for Replug customers to read. When she isn't writing, she can be found reading and trying random life experiments.

Replug's Integration with ESPs-3rd Part

Replug’s Latest Integrations to help grow your email list: Episode#3

Email Marketing can kick your brand up a notch.

In my previous blog, I mentioned The Top Email Marketing Influencers to follow in 2019. You can learn from these email professionals to make your email marketing campaigns more effective and more fruitful.

Be among the wise, and start using the cheapest yet the fastest way to grow your network and your customer base.

Replug offers to collect leads for you. So, if you are looking forward to getting a rush of subscribers toward your Email Campaigns, wait no more.

Integrate your Replug account with your favorite Email Service Providers and structure your brand’s growth.


Campaign Monitor provides an easy-to-use platform for its users to design and automate emails that command viewers’ attention. Moreover, they have an award-winning customer service and provide email marketing experts’ opinion to reform your strategies.

Integrate CampaignMonitor with Replug

Connect your accounts to get the best ROI for your businesses.

And, it’s as simple as it gets. Let me walk you through the whole process.

Replug+CampaignMonitor Integration

Step#1: Locate Campaign Monitor

Go to your Replug account and go to Integrations in your Account Settings. Find Campaign Monitor in the list and connect with it.

CampaignMonitor+ Replug

Step#2: Allow Access for Connection

Replug will ask you to input your credentials for CampaignMonitor. Enter your Email/Username and Password and then press Continue.

CM+Replug Connection

Afterward, Replug will ask for your permission to access a list of things from your CampaignMonitor Account. If you agree with this, Allow Access and proceed.

CampaignMonitor- Allow Access to Replug

Step# 3: Connect your CampaignMonitor List

Once you have connected your accounts, the next step is to choose the list for which you want to collect the subscriber traffic.

Connect CampaignMonitor list s with replug

Connect your list(s) and you’re good to go.


Mautic is an extraordinary platform that helps your relationship to blossom with your contacts. It lets you design your messages by providing a seamless and intuitive interface.

From a simple follow-up email to a complex multi-channel interactive campaign; Mautic covers it all.

Integrate Mautic with Replug

Grow your Mautic list by linking it with your replug account and collect the data of a highly relevant audience.

The connection could be done in a few easy steps.

Let’s begin!

Replug Mautic Integration

Step#1: Locate Mautic

The first step is to find Mautic among the other third-party connections available. For that, go to your Account Settings and click on Integrations. Once you’ve spotted Mautic, click on Connect.

Locate Mautic- Replug

Step#2: Connect Mautic to your Account

In this step, Replug will ask you for your Mautic’s credentials to begin the connection. Enter your Mautic Username, Password, and your Mautic Site URL. Once you’re done, click on Connect.

Mautic connection with replug

And both of your accounts are connected. Now, connect your list(s).
It’s as simple as that.


Benchmark Marketing Services provide the Digital Marketers an opportunity to nurture customer relationships that lead to business growth. Using this platform, you can design customizable emails for your audience and drive revenue.

Integrate BenchMark with Replug

Connect these two platforms to get more signups and expand your outreach. The integration is simple and it won’t take much of your time.

Let’s see how it’s done.

Replug BenchMark Connection

Step#1: Access your BenchMark API Key

To initiate the connection process, you’d need an API key from your Benchmark Account.

To find that, go to User Icons> Integrations> API Key. There, you’ll find your key. You’re going to use this key while connecting your Replug account with your BenchMark account.

Benchmark's API Key for Replug

Step#2: Locate BenchMark

Go to your Account Settings in Replug, and click on Integrations. A whole list of third-party integrations will be shown to you from which you have to locate BenchMark and click on Connect.

Locate BenchMark in Replug's list

Step#3: Enter your API Key and BenchMark Lists

Enter your secret API Key and click on Connect.

BenchMark API Key- Replug Connection

After this, It will ask you for the email list where you want to send your lead/subscriber information. Choose your lists and click on the Save button to connect your Benchmark Email account successfully with your Replug account.

Connect BenchMark with Replug

And, the two of your accounts are connected.

Connect with us

Have you benefited from Email Marketing?
We can’t wait to hear from you.

Share your Email experiences with us.

Let us know about your favorite tools and tips.

Let’s grow together!


About the Author

Fatima, a technical writer and a working professional, incorporates with businesses related to software development and training management, her blogs facilitate people to attain a complete picture of the platform she writes for.

Replug's Third Party Integrations

Replug’s Latest Integrations to help grow your email list: Episode#2

Did you know that there are 3.7 billion email users in the world today? And, by 2022, this number is predicted to reach 4.1 billion. This tells us that with Email Marketing, you could reach out to half of the total population in the world. This creates an ocean of opportunities for you as a brand marketer.

According to 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report by Emma, 59% of the marketers declare that email marketing is the strongest source for ROI.

By now you must feel the need to increase your email audience?

Replug can turn the tables for your brand. Grow your email contacts by integrating with your favorite Email Marketing platforms. Replug will collect the email addresses of the relevant consumers and send them to your integrated tools. Educate your audiences and utilize them to mount your brand.


Moosend serves Email Automation for its users. With Moosend you can automate your workflows and sync your data without any restrictions. With their online application, you can focus on enhancing your business rather than sending out emails.

Good news for you is that you can multiply your email engagers by connecting with your Replug account.

You can link both of your accounts in 2-3 minutes and enjoy the reward.

Let’s begin!


Step#1: Find Moosend API key

The Moosend API key will enable your connection with the external tools.

Log into your Moosend account and go to Settings. You’ll find your Moosend API key at the bottom left corner. Copy this key.

Moosend API Key-Replug

Step#2: Connect with your Replug Account

Go to Integrations in your Replug Account and find Moosend in the list.

Integrations- Replug

Connect with Moosend.

Moosend Connect- Replug

Here, Replug will ask you to enter your Moosend API Key you copied in the first step.

Moosend prompt- Replug

Enter your API Key and click Connect.

Step#3: Connect your Mailing List

Next, Replug will show your Moosend E-mail lists to you. Connect your email list with your Replug Account. Replug will redirect the relevant email addresses to your connected list.

Moosend list connection-Replug

Step#4: Create a Call to Action in Replug

In this step, you will create the branded CTA using Replug. Select your campaign and start creating your CTA.

  • Select the CTA type as Form.
  • Select Moosend as your Email Service Provider.
  • Select the Account.
  • Select the email list.

MoosendCTA- Replug


Sendlane is another tool that automates your emails for you. They provide advanced features of Email Retargeting and Real-Time Event Tracking to optimize your email marketing. Their Email Editor provides you with a number of templates to represent your business properly.

Build up your Sendlane Email list by integrating your account with Replug. The integration is as easy as it gets. Let’s proceed with the integration.


Step#1: Your Sendlane Credentials

As you already know, the credentials would enable the integration with an external application. Log into your Sendlane account and check your Account Settings. You can locate your API key inside Your Security Credentials. Copy these for the next step.

Sendlane credentials

Step#2: Connect with Your Replug Account

Log into your Replug Account and go to Integrations.

Integrations- Replug

Find Sendlane in the list and click on Connect.

Sendlane Connect-replug

Replug will ask you to enter your Access token. Enter your Sendlane API Key, Sendlane API Hash, and Sendlane URL. And, click on connect.

Sendlane prompt- Replug

Upon successful connection, Replug will ask you to link your Sendlane Email list.

Sendlane Email List- Replug

Save your selected lists.

Step#4: Create a Call to Action in Replug

Your call to actions will drive email subscribers to your integrated Sendlane Account. You can refer to section 1 of this article to learn to create a call to action in Replug.


Sendpulse combines all delivery channels on one platform. Not only can you enjoy their email services, but you can also broadcast your messages via Web push, SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger and more.

Sendpulse Services

Manage your contacts by gathering subscribers via Replug and firing them to your Sendpulse lists.

The fluid integration of your Replug and Sendpulse account will save your time and maximize the results for you. Let me show you how to integrate both of your accounts.


Step#1: Your Connection Token

To start with, find your Sendpulse connection token. The connection token consists of your Sendpulse unique ID and a secret key.

Go to your Account Settings and click on API.

Sendpulse token- replug Connection

Activate the toggle button to view your ID and secret key.

Step#2: Connection with Replug Account

Go to Integrations in your Replug and find Sendpulse in the list.

Integrations- Replug

Click on Connect.

Sendpulse Connect

A prompt will appear which will ask you to enter your ID and Secret Key. Enter those and click on connect.

Sendpulse prompt- Replug

These are the required steps to complete the integration.

Step#3: Create a Call to Action in Replug

Jump up to section 1 to learn how to create a call to action in Replug.

Connect with Us

You’re guaranteed a success by using any of these three tools along with your Replug account. Stay connected with us to find out more about Replug’s latest Integration in the next Episode.

If you have already used this feature, please share your experience in the comment section.

Let’s grow together!

About the Author

Fatima, a technical writer and a working professional, incorporates with businesses related to software development and training management, her blogs facilitate people to attain a complete picture of the platform she writes for.

Replug announces its latest Integrations

Replug’s Latest Integrations to help grow your email list: Episode#1

This October, Replug gives you a little extra feast, think of it as our way of Trick-or-Treating you.

Replug has always paved ways for its users to improve their digital marketing campaigns.

Recently, we have announced 3rd party integrations to boost your email marketing. Now, you can integrate your Replug account with different email newsletter applications, SMS messaging services, and email marketing tools.

The social media revolution has introduced many communication channels to us. But, businesses use email marketing to grow their sales.

Yes, Email Marketing is still in-house!

Capterra states that with each dollar spent on email marketing, you can generate a revenue of  $44.25.

Make your own branded call to actions with Replug and request users for email subscriptions. You can forward these email addresses to the integrated email marketing tools.

Track the best leads with Replug and escalate your consumer outreach.

In this week’s article, we’ll discuss the three integrations that can change the perspective of email marketing for you.


Sendy is an email newsletter application which helps digital marketers send newsletters via email through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES).

Sendy is the best tool to economize your newsletter emails to the masses.

How to integrate with Replug?

You can easily integrate the two platforms in very easy steps demonstrated below.

Sendy + Replug Integration

Step#1: Find Sendy’s API key

Sendy’s API key is the unique key which enables its integration with other tools. To find your API key, go to Account Settings. You’ll find your API key on the right side of your screen.

Your key will look something like this.

Step#2: Access Sendy’s List ID

As explained earlier, Replug collects leads and redirects them to your Sendy account. To maintain that list, Replug requires Sendy’s list ID.

Go to your Brand and click on View all lists

Replug Sendy Integration

You’ll find an encrypted List ID for your account here.

Hover over to view the complete ID.

Replug Sendy Integration

Step#3: Sendy and Replug’s Connection

Now, you have to connect these two accounts to start the magic.

Go to your Replug account and then go to Integrations.

replug Integrations

Here, you’ll find the whole list of third-party integrations available in Replug.

Click connect for Sendy.

Connect Sendy with Replug

Fill in all the details and click on Connect.

sendy form


Step# 4: Create your Call to Action in Replug

In this step, you will create the branded CTA using Replug. Select your campaign and start creating your CTA.

  • Select the CTA type as Form.
  • Select Sendy as your Email Service Provider.
  • Select the Account.
  • Select the email list (the same for which you entered the List ID)


After a successful integration, all the email subscribers will be sent to your Sendy list.


ConvertKit is one of the most popular yet simplified email marketing tools. It provides marketing automation to small-scale businesses at a very reasonable cost.

Connect your Replug account with ConvertKit today and scale your email subscribers.

How to integrate with Replug?

The integration is very easy. Let’s begin.

ConvertKit+Replug Integration

Step#1: Find ConvertKit’s API Key and API Secret

In order to connect your ConvertKit account with Replug, you need to find your unique API key and API Secret.

Go to your Account Settings. Along with your basic account information, you’ll find both of the encrypted figures.

ConvertKit Replug

Step#2: ConvertKit and Replug’s connection

To connect these two accounts, go to your Replug account and click on Integrations in Account Settings.

replug Integrations

Find ConvertKit among the list of all Integrations and click on Connect.

convertkit connect

Step#3: Enter your Information in the pop-up

A pop-up box prompter will appear.

Enter your ConvertKit API Key and ConvertKit API Secret here and click on connect.

Step#4: Create your Branded Call to Action in Replug

In this step, you have to create your branded CTA using Replug.

  • Select the CTA type as Form.
  • Select ConvertKit as your Email Service Provider.
  • Select the Account and the email list.


Replug has made a handshake with another major marketing automation tool; Sendinblue.

It is a cloud-based marketing automation SaaS suite.

They provide organizations the services to communicate with their clients via email and SMS.

How to integrate with Replug?

You can easily connect both of your accounts to get the most of your marketing campaigns.

Sendinblue+Replug Integration

Let’s start.

Step#1: Find your API Key

Find the API key in your Sendinblue account.

To do that, log into your Sendinblue account.


The front Dashboard will appear.

Go to your personal account settings and click on SMTP & API.

Replug Integrations


You will be redirected to a page where you’ll find your API Key. Copy your API key.

Replug Integrations

Step#2: Sendinblue and Replug’s connection

Go to the Integrations list and find Sendinblue. Click on Connect.

Replug Sendinblue Integration

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the API key to complete the connection.

Replug Sendinblue Integration

Choose the list that you’d like to connect with your Replug Account and press Save.

Replug Sendinblue Integration

Step#4: Create your Branded Call to Action in Replug

Create a call to action in Replug and start routing your traffic to your Sendinblue list. To create a CTA.

  • Select the CTA type as Form.
  • Select Sendinblue as your Email Service Provider.
  • Select the Account and the email list.

This is not it, we have some more exciting news for you. Wait for our second Episode to get more insights into Replug’s latest Integrations.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Share your experiences in the comment section below.

About the Author

Fatima, a technical writer and a working professional, incorporates with businesses related to software development and training management, her blogs facilitate people to attain a complete picture of the platform she writes for.

Add Custom Widgets - Replug

Adding Custom Widgets to your Website using Replug

A widget is a small piece of code that helps you perform a very specific function. This code translates to a visual entity that you can add to a sidebar or otherwise known as widget ready area on your website.  

Remarketing - Replug

Widgets are available to give design and structure control. There are various types of widgets e.g. navigation menu, categories, tag cloud, calendar, search, recent posts etc.

Plugins often add their own widgets to give users more control over the display of plugin functions. An example of a plugin widget would be OIO Publisher which allows you to add a specific banner ad zone in your widget areas by using the widget.

Adding 3rd Party/ Custom Widget using Replug

Replug now allows you to add 3rd party widgets here to use them in your campaigns. This opens a horizon of possibilities for you to include any type of widget you desire.

A great example is the use of optin forms from tools like Optinmonster, Sumo, Poptin, Convertful or even your own lead forms.

Retargeting Pixels - Replug

You can add chat widgets (Intercom, Drift or any other), Video embeds (Youtube, Vimeo, Vooplayer, Wistia etc.), Quizzes ( BrandQuiz, Outgrow, SurveyMonkey etc.) or just about any other widget you can normally use on your website.

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to add a basic widget and integrate Drift as a custom widget with Replug.

Add Custom Widgets using Replug

Custom Widgets has been moved from the Campaign Type to Settings > Custom Widgets.

Now, you can add Custom widgets directly without going to the campaign type and can display a simple text-based view with the message.


Connect to your replug account by signing in. Navigate to settings > custom widgets which is located on the top right corner of your screen.

Call-to-Actions - Replug

Step 2

Click on the “Add Custom Widget Code” button as shown below.

 Branded Links - Replug

After clicking on the button a pop-up appears with the following fields: Name, Custom Javascript and Custom HTML.

URL Shortener - Replug

As mentioned above, let us take the example of Drift. It is the leading conversational marketing platform. With Drift, you can turn your traffic into qualified meetings using our bots.

Step 3

This step we show you how to find the javascript code in Drift. Starting off, from the Drift dashboard, which is on the left side, Click the settings gear on the left, and head into: App Settings > Chat Widget > Install.

link tracking platform - Replug


After that you’ll see various options, Click on the Install which is under the Advance option. Click on the JavaScript. and copy that Code and paste it into Replug  Custom widgets.

Now go to your replug account and paste that code in Custom widgets and click on the Save button, you can preview it if you want.

Branded call-to-actions - Replug

The drift chat widget is now embedded in Replug. You can verify this from the list of widgets added in you  Replug account.

Retargeting Pixels - Replug


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Fatima, a technical writer and a working professional, incorporates with businesses related to software development and training management, her blogs facilitate people to attain a complete picture of the platform she writes for.

Automatically Shorten URLs in RSS Feed

How to automatically shorten URLs in an RSS Feed

Below is a step by step guide to help you understand how Replug can shorten URLs in for entire RSS feed and use it for third-party platforms.

Step 1

Navigate to your replug dashboard and click on the RSS icon

retargeting pixels - Replug

Step 2

Click on Add RSS Feed button located on the top left corner. See below image for reference

Branded Links - Replug

Step 3

After step 2, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Select your campaign and in the second section enter the RSS feed URL that you want to shorten.

Replug check for content feed updates every 30 minutes. Click on the “Add Feed” button to generate the shortened URL.

You can now copy and add the RSS Feed URL to any third-party platform i.e. Contentstudio

link shortener - Replug

Step 4

Once the RSS Feed is created, you can perform the following actions.

URL shortener - Replug

Edit: You can update/change your RSS feed whenever you want.

Re-crawl: In order to re-crawl your entire RSS feed, click on the re-crawl button. It will be re-crawled instantly to fetch any new links that have been added for the RSS feed.

Preview: You can preview the list of posts from RSS feeds that are converted.

Remove: You can remove your RSS feed and create a new one or anything else.

About the Author

Fatima, a technical writer and a working professional, incorporates with businesses related to software development and training management, her blogs facilitate people to attain a complete picture of the platform she writes for.