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How to Create a LinkedIn Vanity URL?

Arslan Jadoon
5 minutes

LinkedIn, a powerful tool for professional networking, is more than just a digital resume or a list of your connections. It’s like your virtual business card and the gateway to countless career opportunities. 

Your LinkedIn profile URL might seem insignificant, but it’s crucial to your online identity. It’s your online address, a brief snapshot of who you are, and a chance to make a strong impression.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to create a LinkedIn vanity URL, giving your online profile a memorable identity. 

Let’s learn how to create a LinkedIn URL that makes your professional profile stand out.

LinkedIn vanity URL: What does it mean?

A LinkedIn vanity URL is a customized web address that directs to your LinkedIn profile. It’s a personalized URL that replaces the default string of random numbers and letters in the web address of your LinkedIn profile with something more recognizable, usually your name or a variation of it.

For example, the default LinkedIn profile URL might look like this:


With a vanity URL, it can look like this:


The purpose of a vanity URL is to make your LinkedIn profile easier to share, remember, and include on your resume, business cards, email signature, and other professional materials. It also enhances your online branding and makes you more discoverable on the platform. Creating a LinkedIn vanity URL is a simple way to create a more professional and memorable online presence.

How to Create a LinkedIn Vanity URL?

Here are the steps to create a LinkedIn vanity URL:

Step 1: Log into your LinkedIn account

Open your preferred web browser, go to the LinkedIn website (www.linkedin.com), and log in to your LinkedIn account if you’re not already logged in.

Step 2: Go to your profile

Click on your profile picture or your name in the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage to go to your profile.

Step 3: Edit public profile & URL

On your LinkedIn profile page, you’ll see your profile picture, name, and a section with your LinkedIn URL beneath it. This URL is usually a combination of random letters and numbers. Click on the “Edit public profile & URL” link located to the right of your profile picture.


Step 4: Edit your public profile URL

On the right side of the page, you’ll see a section labeled “Edit your custom URL.” It may display your current LinkedIn URL or an option to create a custom URL. Click on the pencil icon.


Step 5: Choose your custom URL

A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to customize your LinkedIn URL. You can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens in your custom URL. It’s a good idea to use your name or a variation of it. For example, if your name is John Smith, you could use “johnsmith,” “john-smith,” or something similar. LinkedIn will also suggest some options based on your name. Type in your desired custom URL, and click “Save.”


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Step 6:Review and confirm

LinkedIn will check the availability of the custom URL you’ve chosen. If it’s available, it will be saved as your new LinkedIn vanity URL. If it’s not available, you’ll need to choose a different one until you find an available option.

Share your vanity URL:

Once you’ve successfully created your custom URL, you can start using it on your resume, business cards, email signature, and other professional materials. It’s an easy way to make your LinkedIn profile more accessible to others.

Remember that once you’ve set your custom LinkedIn vanity URL, it’s permanent. While you can change it, LinkedIn recommends against doing so frequently to maintain consistency.

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Can I change my LinkedIn vanity URL once it’s set?

Yes, you can change your LinkedIn vanity URL, but it’s recommended not to do it frequently. To change it, follow the same process outlined in the guide by editing your public profile URL in your LinkedIn settings.

Is it possible to have the same vanity URL as someone else on LinkedIn?

No, LinkedIn ensures that each vanity URL is unique, so no two users can have the same custom URL.

Do I need a premium LinkedIn account to create a custom URL?

No, creating a custom LinkedIn URL is available to all LinkedIn users, regardless of their account type.

Yes, Replug allows you to customize the branding of your short links, including the choice of domain and appearance, to align them with your brand identity.

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