23 Best URL Shorteners Of 2022

by Farwa Anees
23 best url shortners of 2021

Marketing on social media is about communicating, engaging, and pulling your product or service into an impressive customer base. The ways in which you share or support your brand complete the spectrum of a flourishing source (URL) of customers. Typically, differentiating between posts that garner more clicks and those that need attention is difficult.

Most audiences do not like to see long-form URLs. For such viewers, there is a solution called URL Shortener, which shortens the long URLs on Instagram and other social media platforms. Plus, it makes the emails or messages appealing to the eyes. Let’s have a look at the top best URL shorteners and see which works the best for you.

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Best URL Shorteners of 2022:

1. Replug:


Replug is an all-rounder link management tool for shortening branded URLs, adding pixels for retargeting, embedding call-to-action, and building bio-links for social media. It also has a chrome extension and web app. With custom domains and other features, you can use the Replug branded URL shortener. It offers 200,000 clicks per month.

Price: Free Trial + Basic Plans ( $19/month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: Yes

Pixel Tracking: Unlimited

Bio Links: Yes

Traffic Routing: Yes

CTA: Yes

Deep Links: Yes

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2. Bitly:


Bitly is amonst the best URL shorteners that allow you to use powerful short links to create and protect your brand. It allows you to create a user experience that is seamless. The program also allows you to conduct campaign management and analytics for your website.

Price: Free + Premium Plans ( $29/month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

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3. ClickMeter:


To improve the conversion rate, ClickMeter allows you to track, compare, and optimize all types of marketing links in one location. To get the best conversion rates, it allows you to target tourists. It also allows broken ties, click fraud, blacklists, and latency to be identified.

Price: Paid ( $29/month to $349/month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: Yes


4. Rebrandly:


The industry-leading link management tool for branding, monitoring, and exchanging short URLs is Rebrandly. Features such as custom analytics, traffic routing & deep linking, link retargeting, account management, dedicated onboarding, etc. are supported by the tool.

Price: Free + Premium Plans

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

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5. TinyURL:


In order to make posting long URLs easier, TinyURL is a free service and can only be used for actual URLs. It provides a preview function and also offers a toolbar button to quickly shorten any URLs.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

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6. Pixelme:


Pixelme allows you directly from your browser to monitor and share your own branded short URLs. It also provides a feature that increases your CTR with branded links by creating a custom audience from each URL.

Price: ( $24, $65, $124, $249 per month)

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: Yes

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7. URL Shortener:

url shortner

A URL shortener is a Google extension that will shorten your long, complex URLs. It copies URLs to the clipboard automatically. For your URL, you can also generate a QR code.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

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8. URL Short Link Generator:

shopify app store

Managing all of your links in a third-party app can be a pain if you run an eCommerce shop on Shopify. Instead, use Identix Web’s URL Short Link Generator. From your Shopify dashboard, this app allows you to generate and track short URLs.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: Yes

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9. Cutt.ly:


Cutt.ly is a user-friendly site with branded URLs for URL shortener and connection management. For each short connection, it allows you QR code marketing. In order to avoid suspicious connections, you will also get a preview mode feature and user protection. A sortable list of shortened URLs is provided.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

10. Shorturl:

short url

ShortURL helps Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other popular sites on the Internet to eliminate long links. Everything you need to do is just press the short URL button and paste the long URL into it. You can also check the amount of a click that has resurrected your shortened URL. Smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers are compatible with this app as well. It uses the HTTPS protocol and data encryption.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://www.shorturl.at/

11. Ow.ly:


Ow.ly is a URL shortener best known for its integration with Hootsuite. It can be used directly inside the HootSuite Dashboard to keep all of your data in one place. It’s also a tool that can help you track data about how well your links are doing and

make use of that data. You can get Ow.ly for free only by using the free version of HootSuite. To use it, you will need a Hootsuite account.

Price: $19/mo to $499/mo

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Real-time Analytics: Yes

Link: https://replug.link/3891fe50

12. Buffer:


Buffer, a popular social media management tool, created Buff.ly. You should schedule your links to post at a later time after shortening them. This can be useful if you want your posts to appear on your social media accounts at specific times. This is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to shorten their social media links.

Price: $15/mo to $399/mo

Link: https://buffer.com/

13. Mcaf.ee:


You may be familiar with the name Mcaf.ee, which is a well-known information security company. It allows you to share shortened links on your social media websites or blogs. It can also provide information about where a shortened link originated, in addition to shortening links. If a user is unsure whether or not to click on a link, this will provide comfort.

Price: Free

Link: https://mcaf.ee/

14. SmartURL:

smart URL

SmartURL is a tool that allows you to build a short connection that redirects by country and computer. It overrides the default and redirects the visitor to a destination unique to the country. It sets up your custom alias and adds a brief background summary.

Price: Free + Premium Plans ($49/Month, $249/Month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: Yes

Link: https://manage.smarturl.it/

15. BLink:


BLink enables you to substitute clunky URLs with short links that help you get more clicks. With real-time click analysis, it also offers a feature to build campaigns and easy track success and offers compliance and control of enterprise-grade.

Price: Free + Premium Plans ($12 month, $599 per month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://www.bl.ink

16. bit.do:

bitdo link shortener

Bit.do is a tool that shortens any link and personalizes it. Without breaking lines, it enables you to share links within email messages. It will allow you to track email marketing campaigns and instant messaging services for short-short links.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://bit.do/

17. t2mio:


It is the best all-in-one and affordable platform for URL shortening and management of branded links. The most innovative features that are present on the market can be explored. This allows features such as long-term URL access, one-click social sharing, Printable QR code, etc.

Price: $5/month to $89/month

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://t2mio.com/

18. Short.io:


The Short.com utility allows you to shorten, customize, and share your audience with completely branded short URLs.

Price: Free + Premium plans ( $20 month, $150 month)

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: Yes

Link: https://short.io/

19. Polr:


Polr is an open-source project that allows people with technical skills to run their own URL shortening service. It can be found on the Polr project page and on GitHub. You can use the tool as is or fork it if you have the necessary programming skills. Polr has a slicker look and is built with a contemporary and minimalist feel, similar to Yourls, another free and open-source URL shortener. Polr has a demo page if you just want to try out the basic interface.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://polrproject.org/

20. Hyperlink:


A hyperlink is a mobile-friendly URL shortener. Its Android and iOS apps are the most popular, but it also has a Chrome extension and a web app that works in any browser. The ability to receive push notifications to your mobile device if someone clicks on one of your links is Hyperlink’s special selling point. 

You can ask Hyperlink to send hourly, monthly, or weekly summaries instead if your alerts go haywire. Additional analytics and tracking URL are included in the service, allowing you to learn more about your audience, including their location.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: Yes

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://usehyperlink.com/

21. Adf.ly:


You can create and share your links on the Internet using the Adf.ly URL shortener. If an individual visits your short URLs, you will get paid. It also helps you to put your links on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites for social networking. Detailed statistics per connection are also given on the web.

Price: Free

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: No

Link: https://ay.gy/

22. Linkly:


The Link URL shortener helps you to build smart redirects for quick, beautiful, and branded tracking links. It provides features such as monitoring the number of clicks, using your domain to create a custom URL shortener, and pulling data into Google Sheets from Links. It allows 2000 clickers per month to be redirected & analyzed.

Price: Free + Premium Plans ( $29 / month)

AB Testing: Yes

Pixel Tracking: No

Custom Domain: No

Link: https://linklyhq.com/

23. Musicjet:



MusicJet allows you to create smart links for the marketing of music. From your single dashboard, it will allow you to create and manage single or multiple smart pages. You will also get short domains linked to different music artists. It also allows one or more smart artist pages to be managed from your single dashboard.

Price: Free + Premium Plans ( $9.99 / month, $ 45 / month)

Custom Domain: No

AB Testing: No

Pixel Tracking: Yes

Link: https://www.musicjet.com/

How URL Shortener Can Be Used In Chatbots?

Without a doubt, a chatbot can be the best for generating traffic and converting visitors into leads. But how to use a URL shortener in a chatbot? However, you cannot directly implement this tool to a chatbot but you can use it for links such as live chat.

Here is an example of Botsify who has used the URL shortener tool to make conversation pleasant.


Source: Botsify

Why Choose and Use the Best URL Shortener Tool?

Using a URL shortener is advantageous in many areas and for all businesses, here is how they are best for your business. 

  • Tracks The Number Of Clicks, Their Location, And Time:

Analytics are provided by link shortener tools so that you can monitor your link clicks, which channel they are propagated from, and at what time the click was made. You will get a good picture of the post that has more likes and is capable of gathering a wide audience with this.

Using one’s product or service name, personalized URLs are produced, which enhances the popularity of the brand, as prospective and frequent consumers can share and identify the connection that consists of their brand name in an instant.

  • Helps To Make The Post Appear Stronger:

Even thought on before clicking on the long URLs, as they look sloppy and boring. The goal post offers acceptance with the help of personalized short URLs and has more chances of being clicked. There are plenty of social media marketing tools that help you to customize long, boring URLs automatically.

  • Drives Maximum Traffic Towards Your Site:

The thumb rule of marketing your product is following the 4:1 ratio. This means that 1 section should be targeted to your brand while you are on the run to promote and build exposure for your product and 4 sections should be about general items relevant to your profession. The advantage of the URL shortener is, with some of the links you share, you can cross-promote your goods, blog posts, or services.

URL shortening tools such as Snip.ly and Starafire.com help to bring the website back to full traffic. To any of the websites with shortened, customizable links, you can add your personalized badge or call-to-action sign.

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  • Compile Click Data:

One of the reasons that bit.ly has gained so much attention lately is because of the detailed data Bitly offers in the form of live click data, geographic location, the website, the connection where the link was clicked, and more. 

This type of information is invaluable to webmasters and businesses – it demonstrates where customers are coming from, where they are coming from, and what interests them. This form of data helps businesses create better goods and more targeted content is generated by webmasters. The economy is made more effective by accurate knowledge.

  • It Is Possible To Turn Them Into Social Media Services:

On GigaOM, there was a good piece that explored how Bit.ly could launch its own Digg version. While this may or may not be the ultimate aim of Bit.ly (a URL shortener could be gamed just like Digg), it is obvious that the knowledge that URL shorteners may collect, combined with the increase in short URL sharing on Twitter and other websites, could lead to some creative social networking services that show common links, rank domains, and function as a social media content filter or aggregate. URL shorteners act as aggregates of information, in their own way. 

This can result in some useful mashups and developments in how information is exchanged and digested by people.

  • They Promote Sharing:

With URL shorteners, you can simply fit more links and content in less space. A tweet can be the best example to explain and then connect to a website in less than 140 characters, while an explanation can not even come with a complete URL.

The growth of mobile smartphones, messaging and mobile Internet is even more significant – it’s much easier than a long one to text in a short URL. As Twitter, social media, and the mobile Internet are becoming more popular, it will increase the need to make it easier to share web content. Shorter URLs are becoming increasingly important to the cause.

Replug – An All-In-One Link Management Tool:


Replug is an all-rounder link management tool for shortening branded URLs, adding pixels for retargeting, embedding call-to-action, and building bio-links for social media. With custom domains and other features, you can use this platform for shortening branded URLs. Here are the features of Replug that help the brand with links.

Improve your brand’s exposure and confidence by building short links with your own custom domain. The more content you share, the more your brand receives exposure and appreciation. On top of that, on social media, you get better deliverability in emails and greater CTR and scope.

  • Targeting Links:

Create custom audiences on different ad networks automatically and convert someone who has seen your content (specifically third-party content). Increase conversions based on what connections the audience has visited by running highly targeted retargeting campaigns.

  • CTA For Every Link:

We do not get anything in return when sharing 3rd party content, except for sharing the links. But what if, on any third-party connection you post, you would add a widget with a call-to-action to promote your product or service? Well, that’s what Replug will do for you.

  • Drive Maximum Traffic:

Drive traffic to an enchanting web page featuring all of your important and always up-to-date links from your social media bio links. Add links with simple-to-use blocks and customizable templates to your services, goods, videos, other social media networks, and more.

  • Detailed Analytics Of Any Link:

Track the number of clicks on your links, conversation rate, referral sources, visitors’ places, and devices on every page easily. Analyze various metrics to see what outcomes you want to invest just in the right networks.

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How does Replug Works With Links?


Step#01: Get Your Best Link For Sharing

Get a link to any website that you want your audience to share. You do not need to be affiliated with that website at all. It can be a blog post, a news article, or something from any website.

Step#02: Replug Will Help In Creating Optimized Link

Choose a call-to-action type that can be either a connect, button, opt-in form, or just a retargeting pixel. Then, personalize the call-to-action message and appearance.

Step#03: Let Your Audience Explore It

On social media networks, email newsletters, or whatever else you want, simply share the new shortened connection. On the chosen tab, anyone who visits the connection will see your call to action.

Step#04: Boost Up Your Engagement

To get more traffic, followers, and leads; share more links. Measure your success through the analysis of users, clicks, and conversions from the platform’s analytics.


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