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Best URL Shorteners For 2024 – Features, Pricing, Reviews & More

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Best URL Shorteners (1)

No one likes those long, complex URLs – They look weird, can be unsafe, tough to share, might not fit social bio, can’t be optimized for mobile use, and cause various issues.

To tackle these hurdles, consider using a URL shortener — a handy tool that transforms lengthy URLs into more manageable ones.

Beyond saving space, URL shorteners offer diverse features like click tracking, link customization, UTM tags, security and reliability, compatibility with phones and desktops, and much more.

These tools have gained popularity, especially since social media platforms and messaging apps limit post characters. But with so many options available, knowing which URL shortener is the best for your needs can be difficult.

For your help, we have shortlisted some of the best URL shorteners of 2024, with features, reviews, pricing, and what sets them apart. Keep reading to learn more…

Best URL shorteners in a blink

Best URL-Shortener Meme

In recent years, the URL shortening tools have seen a great growth. After a detailed research, we have found the below 6 link shorteners to be the best, as they are complete link management solutions in terms of pricing, features, user friendliness and customer reviews.

ToolBest ForAgency Plans
ReplugComplete link management solution with high-end features and low cost$79 /mo
BitlyWidely recognized URL shortening with robust analytics$199 /mo
RebrandlyFocus on link branding and customization$99/mo
PixelmeRenowned for retargeting pixels$400/month
Bl.INKFeature-rich URL shortening with advanced tracking and analytics$599/mo
CuttlyStraightforward link shortening with detailed analytics$99 /mo

Note: Find out the detailed features, pricing, and reviews of these link shorteners in the “Top 6 URL Shorteners” section of the blog. However, if you are looking for even more, you may explore other URL shorteners at the bottom of the blog that didn’t end up in the top 6 list. 

10 reasons to use a URL shortener – Buyers guide

First time making a purchase or even switching from one brand to another. Using a URL shortener offers numerous advantages across different areas, making it a valuable asset for anyone.

Here’s why it’s the ultimate advantage for your specific needs.

  1. Tracks the number of impressions, clicks & conversions
  2. Cut short complex URLs to more recognizable ones. Thus, improves web traffic, CTR and conversion rates
  3. Custom short links boost brand promotion and brand reach
  4. Short URLs take less character space, hence are best for SMS & social bios
  5. Branded URLs are easier to share and remember, which means enhanced brand recalls.
  6. Improves user experience through smooth navigation.
  7. Improve SEO efforts by optimizing long random URLs with branded keywords.
  8. Get data in the form of reports, helping content creators and businesses make informed decisions
  9. Rotate links to preferred link destinations on a specific date, time or location.
  10. Feature rich URL shorteners offer multiple ways to use a short link. Create personalized bio landing pages, generate QR codes of any shortened link, A/B test performance of multiple URLs etc.

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What to consider when choosing a URL shortener?

With the CAGR of 19.7 till 2031 and the growing demand for personalized user experiences, has made URL shorteners to be a must have tool for brands, agencies and content creaters.

Whereas, picking the right URL shortener can be tough with so many options out there, each with its own perks. To make the best choice, it’s important to consider the following points when checking out URL shorteners:

1. User-friendly

One of the primary considerations when choosing a URL shortener is its user interface. A streamlined interface that simplifies shortening links enhances the overall user experience.

The interface design and functionality should prioritize ease of use, allowing users to generate shortened URLs quickly and effortlessly. However, the integrations with other tools and platforms you’re already using and compatibility across devices and browsers further add to its usability.

2. Cost efficiency

Pricing is a key consideration when choosing a URL shortener. Be sure to evaluate the cost of each service and consider what features are most important to you when making your decision.

While free options are enticing, they might come with constraints that limit their utility, making premium versions with additional features more appealing for businesses or advanced users.

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3. Customization options

Customization options are essential because they allow you to personalize your shortened URLs. Adding branded domains or specific keywords reinforces brand identity. 

However, this can be particularly useful if you’re using them for branding, specific campaigns, or content categories, as it allows you to make your links more recognizable and memorable.

4. Link analytics

url-tracking- analytics

Link analytics is a key feature when choosing a URL shortener. The ability to track clicks, conversions, and other key metrics can help you understand the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions about your marketing efforts.

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5. Security

Security is a critical consideration when choosing a URL shortener. A reliable URL shortener should prioritize link safety and protection against malicious activities. Encryption, expiration features, and measures to prevent link manipulation ensure the integrity and safety of shared links.

Moreover, privacy considerations, such as the handling of user data and adherence to data protection regulations, are vital for individuals and businesses concerned about confidentiality.

Top 6 URL shorteners for 2024

1 – Replug

Replug -URL shortener

The first and most top-notch URL shortener is Replug – An all-in-one link management tool for agencies and marketing pros with cost-effective pricing. With this handy tool, users can shorten branded URLs, do A/B testing, create catchy CTAs, set up white-label boards, build bio-links, and more.

Top Features

  • Link management 
  • White-label 
  • Link tracking
  • Retargeting pixels
  • CTA 
  • Bio-links 
  • And more 

Unlike its competitors, replug also has a Chrome extension and web app. It also provides additional benefits such as link-retargeting, link history, high-end customer support, tracking individual links, bulk link creation, and viewing related analytics on a dashboard.

With Replug, you can even track the performance of specific marketing campaigns in specific locations. All in all, it’s the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes and industries.


  • Basic: $19 / Month (with free trial)
  • Professional (Most Popular): $49 / Month (with free trial)
  • Agency: $79 / Month (with free trial)
Pros Cons 
Advanced analytics for in-depth insightsCurrently, no freemium plan is available
Link retargeting options
Customizable short links
Complete link management solution
User-friendly interface

Reviews and Ratings

Here’s what customers have to say about Replug:

Link Management Made Easy

Your go to link management tool for CTAs, branded and bio links, QR Codes, tracking and retargeting.

Get Started for FREE!
link management made easy

2 – PixelMe


PixelMe is a mighty URL shortener designed to help you track and optimize your online advertising campaigns. It allows you to shorten your links and add tracking pixels to them, providing valuable insights into your campaigns’ performance. 

With its user-friendly interface, real-time analytics, and integrations with popular advertising tools, Pixelme is a complete solution for anyone looking to take their online advertising to the next level.

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  • Growth: $99 / Month
  • Scale: $149 / Month
  • Elite: $240 / Month
Pros Cons 
Custom DomainDo not offer agency features
Link analyticsBrowser Extensions 
Browser extensions Branding on micro landing pages
No white-label 

Reviews and Ratings

Capterra Ratings 4.7/ 5

Here’s what customers have to say about Pixelme:

PixelMe Review

3 – Rebrandly


Rebrandly is a state-of-the-art URL-shortening solution with a host of features. With this digital tool, you can craft custom, branded, and concise links that are memorable and easily shareable across various social media platforms.

Preferred for team collaboration and allows you to set up multiple workspaces and invite team members, making it an excellent choice for team-based URL-shortening needs. Additionally, it boasts advanced features such as link retargeting support, making it a well-rounded and versatile solution.

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  • Lite: $12 / Month
  • Essential: $28 / Month
  • Professional: $85 / Month
Focus on link branding and customization.It may not have as robust analytics as others.
Branded short links.Pricing may be higher for branding features.
Enhances brand visibility.
Suitable for businesses.

Reviews and Ratings

Capeterra Ratings 4.7/ 5

Here’s what customers have to say about Rebrandly:

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4 – Bitly


Bitly is a widely used tool to shorten URLs, making them more manageable. Alongside URL shortening, Bitly includes a QR code generator and the sought-after ‘link-in-bio’ feature, commonly preferred by social media influencers and businesses. While these features are free, they come with Bitly branding.

Opting for the paid version unlocks added advantages, including link retargeting, access to link history, dedicated customer support, and the capability to track individual links and their related analytics via a user-friendly dashboard. 

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  • Starter: $8 / Month
  • Basic: $29 / Month
  • Premium: $199 / Month
Widely recognized and trusted.Does not offer as many advanced features as some competitors.
Robust link analytics.Limited customization options.
Purposeless free tier

Reviews and Ratings

Capeterra Ratings 4.8/ 5

Here’s what customers have to say about Bitly:

Bitly Review

5 – BL.INK


BL.INK is an all-in-one platform that handles links, keeps track of them, and gauges how well they’re doing. It shows how links perform either through reports or by working together with tools like Google and Adobe. 

Plus, it easily combines with other systems using its open API. It fits small to large organizations and ensures security with top-notch features and customizable user access


  • Expert: $48 / Month
  • SMB: $99 / Month
  • Team: $299 / Month
  • Business: $599 / Month
Pros Cons 
Feature-rich URL-shortening tool.Pricing may be higher for the feature set.
Easy to use.Can be a bit buggy at times. 
Suitable for data-driven marketing

Reviews and Ratings

Capterra 4.7/ 5

Here’s what customers have to say about BL.Ink:

Blink Review

6 – Cutt.ly


Cuttly is a comprehensive link management platform offering advanced URL-shortening services and other features. With its built-in link analytics, you can monitor clicks on shortened URLs and measure their effectiveness. 

Cuttly offers a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent tool for beginners and experts, no matter the size of your company or your role as a blogger or marketer. If you ever need assistance, it provides support with an average email response time of two to 24 hours.

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  • Single Monthly: $25 / Month
  • Team Monthly: $99 / Month
  • Team Enterprise Monthly: $149 / Month
Pros Cons 
Customizable short links.Limited branding options.
Detailed analytics.In-app purchases are highly paid
Straightforward link shortening

Reviews and Ratings

Capterra 4.2/ 5

Here’s what customers have to say about Cuttly:

Cuttly Review

Which is the best URL shortener?

Our top pick for the best URL shortener is Replug – an all-rounder link management tool for shortening branded URLs, adding pixels for retargeting, embedding call-to-action, and building bio-links for social media. With the option of white label, highly affordable pricing, and other rich features, making Replug the best platform for brand marketing and promotion using URLs.

Shorten your links, amplify your brand.

Create shareable, trackable and fully customizable branded urls. Get more clicks with absolute link management features such as Bio Links, retargeting, deep Links, CTA’s and more.

Learn More!
fully customizable bio link

What’s the link functionality of Replug?

  1. Get Your Best Link For Sharing: Get a link to any website you want your audience to share. You do not need to be affiliated with that website at all. It can be a blog post, a news article, or something from any website.
  1. Replug Will Help In Creating an Optimized Link: Choose a call-to-action type that can be a connect button, an opt-in form, or a retargeting pixel. Then, personalize the call-to-action message and appearance.
  1. Let Your Audience Explore It: On social media networks, email newsletters, or whatever else you want, simply share the new shortened connection. On the chosen tab, anyone who visits the connection will see your call to action.
  1. Boost Up Your Engagement: To get more traffic, followers, and leads, share more links. Measure your success by analyzing users, clicks, and conversions from the platform’s analytics.

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Other link shorteners you may like:

We’ve highlighted some of the top and widely used URL shorteners above. However, if you’re seeking alternative options, consider the following ones listed below:

Here’s the list:

Sr.Other Link Shorteners
10.Chit Link

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Why should I use a URL shortener for my links?

URL shorteners make lengthy URLs more concise and visually appealing. They are easier to share, track, and manage across various platforms, especially in limited-character settings like social media posts.

Are URL shorteners secure to use for sharing links?

Most URL shorteners include security measures to protect links from malicious activities. They often use encryption and other security protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of shared links.

What features should I look for in a URL shortener?

Consider features like link customization, analytics, branding options, reliability, ease of use, and compatibility with different devices and platforms when choosing a URL shortener.

How can I measure the performance of shortened links?

URL shorteners typically provide analytics tools that track click-through rates, user engagement, geographic data, and conversion rates to assess the effectiveness of shortened links.

Can I customize shortened URLs to match my brand?

Yes, many URL shorteners allow customization, enabling users to create branded and memorable short links by using custom domains or adding specific keywords.

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