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Best Linktree alternatives to try in 2024

Manahil Asif
8 minutes
Best Linktree Alternative

Linktree is the market leader and go-to bio link tool with a user base of 22 million and growing.

But is it the only option for adding multiple links to your social media bio?

Absolutely not! Like every link in bio tool, this well-known tool also comes with make or break points.  

Now, note that there’s a whole forest of Linktree alternatives out there, each offering unique features to supercharge your brand visibility.

This guide simplifies your search by comparing top contenders. We’ll break down what they do best, their limitations, and how much they cost. We’ll even help you decide which one fits your needs perfectly. 

Let’s get started,

About Linktree?


Linktree is a popular link in bio tool that allows users can create a single landing page with multiple links, allowing them to efficiently direct their audience to various online destinations such as websites, blogs, social media profiles, products, and more.

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  • Limited customization options overall.
  • Dependence on a third-party service poses risks.
  • Only allows for a single landing page. 
  • Analytics features fall short compared to competitors.

Quick look over the pricing plan

$5USD/month, billed monthly$9 USD per month after, billed monthly$24USD/month, billed monthly

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Top Linktree alternatives

1. Replug

Best Linktree alternative

Our top Linktree alternative is none other than Replug – a feature-rich link management tool offering advanced features such as bio-link, white-label solutions, deep-link, retargeting pixels, link analytics, custom CTA’s, and so much more…

Moreover, Replug allows for greater customization options within the micropage,  so brands can match their branding and style preferences. It’s considered the best Linktree alternative for content creators as it allows you to turn visitors into customers using cross-channel retargeting to those who interact with your bio links. Besides that, you can set up and personalize bio links in no time using the drag-and-drop tool.

Create bio links for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Create fully customizable bio link webpages to drive traffic from and to your social media channels, online store, website and much more.

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fully customizable bio link

The best part about Replug is that it is easy to use, affordable for businesses of all scissors, and offers top-notch customer support, alongside a 14-day free trial so you can try and test out its high-end features before proceeding to the next step. 

Best features

Replug- Best Linktree Alternative
  • Create custom bio link pages with advanced options
  • Get insights into user behavior with detailed analytics.
  • Allows you to add link retargeting pixels.
  • Add RSS feed block in your bio links pages
  • Create QR codes for your bio links.
  • Offers traffic routing to streamline traffic flow.
  • Create white-label boards for personalized branding.
  • Generate custom CTAs that match your brand identity.


  • No freemium plan is available because of advanced features and bulk customization options.

Reviews & ratings

“User of 3 years, I approve of it!”

Raymond P. (CEO)

“Handy Link Management Tool with URL shortener and more”

Alan N. (Strategic Advisor and Business Coach)

Pricing plan

$19/ month$49/ month$79/ month

2. Linkin.bio

Another top Linktree alternative is Linkin.bio by Later – a tool specifically tailored for Instagram and TikTok users, enabling them to create a clickable landing page for their bio link. 

Linkin.bio by Later

Moreover, it streamlines the eCommerce journey by enabling customers to shop directly from your posts. Although customization options are somewhat restricted, its alignment with Instagram’s design is ideal for enhancing your Instagram marketing strategy.

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Best features

  • Offers basic analytics to track link clicks and performance.
  • Schedule links to appear or disappear at specific times.
  • Easily integrates with various social media platforms.
  • Offers collab tools for creators and brands.


  • The pricing seems steep considering the available features.
  • Primarily designed for Instagram, functionalities could be a problem for users active on other social media platforms.
  • Customer support needs to be improved. 

Reviews and ratings

“Later is a good scheduling tool, but still has a few limitations.”

Scott B. (Founder / CEO)

Pricing plan

Starter Growth Advanced Agency 

3. Milkshake

Milkshake is a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to create stunning microsites directly from their mobile devices. It caters to influencers, bloggers, and small businesses looking to establish an online presence without putting in much effort.

Milkshake- Linktree Alternative

Best features

  • Enjoy mobile-optimized templates.
  • Multiple pre-designed templates for quick and easy page creation.
  • Easily integrate your social media profiles with your landing page.
  • Offers the quick drag-and-drop functionality. 


  • As Milkshake focuses on mobile-first design, desktop users might experience some limitations in functionality and layout.
  • Fewer customization options.

Reviews & ratings

“It’s just a landing page. I thought when it said “sell more” you could add shoppable features – but no. Just links to other sites. It’s pretty. Not a lot of options like advertised, but it is pretty.

Megan Goos (App user)

Pricing plan

Milkshake is your free Linktree alternative, making it an attractive option for individuals on a budget or those looking to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.

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single Bio Links

4. Shorby

Shorby stands out as one of the most advanced yet user-friendly link-in-bio tools available. This Linktree alternative offers a SmartPage builder, which is particularly noteworthy, enabling users to effortlessly craft personalized landing pages

Shorby- Linktree Alternative

Best features

  • Easily create one-page microsites with custom CSS and HTML for personalized content.
  • Utilize link retargeting features to engage with targeted audience segments effectively.
  • Enable seamless collaboration among multiple users for managing and optimizing bio links.


  • Lack of ready-made templates to speed up the process of page creation.
  • Limited analytics data is available, concentrating solely on click-related information.
  • The pricing tier may be higher when considering the feature set.

Reviews & ratings

“Create Short Bio – Simple to Use”

Mazlan A.- CEO

Pricing plan

Rocket Pro Agency 
$15/ month $29/ month $99/ month 


Pally offers exceptional value with its array of features. It enables users to create two unique types of links: one mirroring their Instagram page and another hosting essential URLs relevant to their brand. 

Additionally, Pally provides analytical tools to refine your Instagram marketing approach, establishing it as an essential tool for optimizing your social media presence.

Pally- Linktree alternative

Best features

  • Offers basic social media scheduling
  • Detailed competitor analysis feature


  • Allows very limited integration
  • Lacks some advanced scheduling functionality
  • More of an Instagram-centric tool

Reviews & ratings

“The clever social media tool”

(Sue C.-Digital & Communications Manager)

Pricing plan

$18 per month


Campsite. bio is another top-notch link tree alternative on our shortlist. It lets you consolidate various links  – to your website, social media profiles, portfolio, or online store – into a centralized, mobile-friendly location. Brands can easily personalize the look and feel of your landing page with various themes, fonts, and colors to match your brand identity.

Linktree alternative- Campsite.bio

Best features

  • Easily integrates with CRMs, e-commerce platforms, and email marketing apps.
  • Provides detailed reporting and analytics for thorough performance assessment.
  • Unlimited link creation capability to meet all marketing requirements.
  • Offers extensive customization options with a variety of templates and design choice

Reviews & ratings

I love using Campsite for my blog and social channels, I’ve tried some other services but they just didn’t give me the features that I was looking for. Being able to brand my links and add photos is huge. Good stuff!

Becca Tetzlaff – Product user

Pricing plan

Pro Pro +
$24 USD per month
1 profile 
$7 USD per month
1 profile 


ShortStack- Linktree Alternative

ShortStack is a marketing tool that helps you run engaging contests and promotions. It offers easy creation of landing pages with interactive elements like quizzes or sweepstakes.  ShortStack helps collect leads and grow your audience through social media integration and data management.

Best features

  • Helps you collect user-generated content 
  • Offers e-commerce platform integration
  • Allows advance analytics


  • Costly pricing plans 
  • Has a rough learning curve

Reviews & ratings

“Overall good, east to manage contests and winners”

Cassie G. (Senior Technical Product Manager)

Pricing plan


Which is the best Linktree alternative?

Choosing the best Linktree alternative depends on your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution with advanced bio link or overall link management features, Replug is the simple answer for you.

Replug – A complete link management solution for everyone

Branded links, clear calls to action, and beautiful landing pages – Replug makes it easy for anyone to get more out of their links.

  • Content creators? Showcase your portfolio on a sleek landing page. Or Turn visitors into customers by cross-channel retargeting for those engaging with your bio links.
  • Marketers? Track clicks and understand your audience. Or run A/B tests on different link variations:
  • Business owners? Make a great first impression and boost sales. Or capture leads and grow your email list

What else can you do with Replug?

Replug is the best Linktree alternative for business because of its diverse feature set:

  • Instead of generic shortened URLs, Replug allows you to create branded links that include your brand name. 
  • Add CTAs to your shortened links, prompting users to take a specific action after clicking, such as visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase.
  • Effectively distribute traffic across various marketing channels using the link-rotator. Segment the audience based on country, device, browser, OS, IP address, date, and day of the week.
  • Utilize advanced analytics features for campaign tracking and optimization to maximize your ROI.
Replug-Best Link tracking tool
  • Offers social media retargeting to reach and retarget your audience across platforms.
  • Explore the white-label solution to take full control of your agency’s branding by adding your branded custom domain, logos, interface, and more.
  • A/B testing allows you to compare different versions of something (like a shortened link with a CTA or without) to see which performs better.


That was it in today’s article. From Replug’s advanced link management capabilities to Milkshake’s mobile-friendly microsites, there’s a solution to fit every need and budget. Whether you prioritize customization, analytics, or integration with other platforms, there’s a Linktree alternative waiting for you.


Why look for a Linktree alternative?

Linktree might limit your design options and free features. Consider alternatives if you need more customization, advanced features, or a platform tailored to your specific needs.

Which is the best Linktree alternative for musicians?

The best Linktree alternative for musicians depends on factors like desired features, budget, and overall goals. A platform like Replug would be the perfect option because of its features tailored to musicians’ needs, such as seamless integration with music streaming services or customizable landing pages for album releases.

Can I customize the appearance of my bio link page?

You can change how your bio link page looks by picking colors, and layouts, and adding pictures or logos.

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