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How To Deactivate Messenger App?

Arslan Jadoon
4 minutes
How to deactivate messenger app

It is necessary to deactivate your Facebook account before you can deactivate your Messenger account. Once you have deactivated your Facebook account, the option to deactivate your Messenger account will become available. 

Deactivating your Messenger account from a computer or laptop is impossible. You can only deactivate a Messenger account from the Messenger application settings on your smart devices, i.e., mobile or tablet.  

Here’s how to deactivate Messenger app quickly:

Step 1: Open the messenger app from your mobile phone. 

Step 2: Tap the profile icon in the top right corner. 

profile icon

Step 3: Tap account setting from the account menu. 

account setting

Step 4: Tap account ownership and control. 

account ownership and control

Step 5: Tap deactivation and deletion. 

deactivation and deletion

Step 6: Select Deactivate account, then tap continue to account deactivation

deactivate account

Step 7: Enter the password and tap continue, and your Facebook account is deactivated. 

password and continue

Important note: This will deactivate your Facebook account since you can’t deactivate Messenger without deactivating Facebook.

Now your Facebook account is deactivated, you can easily deactivate your Messenger account. 

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Step 8: Again tap the profile icon in the top right corner. 

profile icon

Step 9: Scroll to the bottom and select legal and policies. 

legal and policies

Step 10: Tap deactivate Messenger. 

deactivate messenger

Step 11: Enter your password and tap continue. Your Messenger account will be Deactivated. 

pass and continue

To reactivate Messenger, simply log in with your username and password. 

Deactivating your Facebook account will not automatically deactivate your Messenger account, as the two are separate platforms.

If you deactivate your Messenger account, your profile will not appear in search results, but your past messages and comments will still be visible to others. If you want your messages to disappear after a certain time, you can turn on the vanish mode by swiping up while in a conversation.

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How do I know if my Messenger is deactivated?

If your Messenger account has been deactivated, you will not be able to access your account or use the Messenger app. When you try to log in to the app, you will see a message indicating that your account has been deactivated.

If you are unsure whether your Messenger account has been deactivated, you can try logging in to the app to see if you can access your account. If you cannot log in and see a message that your account has been deactivated, your account has been deactivated.

If you want to reactivate your Messenger account, you will need to follow the steps to reactivate your Facebook account first, as your Messenger account is linked to your Facebook account. Once you have reactivated your Facebook account, you can use the Messenger app again.

What will my friends see if I deactivate Messenger?

If you deactivate your Messenger account, your friends will no longer be able to see your online status or send you messages through Messenger. However, your past messages and comments will still be visible to them, but they will not be able to contact you through the app.

Your profile will also be removed from the Messenger app’s search results, so your friends will not be able to find you within the app. If they try to send you a message, they will receive a notification that you are unavailable.

If you want to make all your messages and comments disappear from the app, you can switch on the vanish mode by swiping up while conversing. This will cause all of your messages in the conversation to disappear after they have been read. However, this feature is optional and will not affect your account status.

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