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Top 5 Paid URL Shorteners Worth Paying For!

Khadija Anwar
5 minutes

Despite the availability of free URL shortening services, a paid URL shortener offers a lot more features.  When you are paying for something that means you are going to get some value out of it. But the question is which paid URL shortener provides the best value for money.

Any URL shortener can shorten links, while only the best URL shorteners can brand and customize your messy links. Apart from this, they can do a lot more. From providing tracking insights about who is clicking your link to testing which marketing campaigns perform better through URL tracking.

Here are the top 5 paid URL shorteners to make your link visually appealing. 



This is an all-in-one link management tool and all-around URL shortener. It is simple and easy to use. Replug has a comprehensive dashboard where you can track 200k links in real-time. Traffic routing is also available. You get to know which channels are driving the maximum leads. A/B testing will help you know which links are performing better and why. 

Replug Features

Replug is a full-service URL shortener and stands out in its business offering such as: 

Branded short links: You can create unlimited branded links with your customized domain. They are visually appealing and build the brand’s credibility. Branded short links promise to link readers that they will lead to the brand’s site. They are unique, genuine, and easy to understand. Moreover, branded links are memorable, trackable, and sharable. 

Increase your CTR with a Branded Link Now!

Replug Branded CTA

CTA: You can add a catchy call to action in the URL to promote an immediate response or encourage a sale.

Deep links: These links send the user directly to an app instead of the store or website. It saves users energy and time, locating specific pages themselves. Deep links significantly improve users’ experience.

Retargeting Pixels: Replug.io helps you add a unique set of retargeting pixels for every social channel. It helps you show ads to people who have shown interest in your content. It amplifies the chances of conversion from prospected leads. 

Bio Links: Replug.io offers multiple options to create & customize your profile landing page. You can style and reorder any element easily using bio links. Furthermore, you can drive traffic from your social media channels to a single page that contains all useful info and links for your product and services. 

Replug Pricing:

Replug.io is genuinely the easiest tool with a friendly interface. It believes that every company or person gets the value of customizing links and tracking them to see how their marketing campaigns are performing. 

Replug.io offers top-class services as payback for every cent you spend on it.

It has three flexible pricing plans but this paid URL shortener also offers a free trial

  • Basic: $19
  • Professional: $49
  • Agency: $79

How do I make a long URL shorter?

Here is an example of an Amazon link shortened using Replug

We have streamlined a long messy link of Airpods into a short URL with fewer characters. 


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2. Rebrandly



It is a powerful story editor for your URL. It has all the key features from link retargeting to deep linking that helps you to reach your audience and change them into prospected leads. 


  • Pre-designed templates
  • Offer customization
  • Add CTA
  • Offer detailed Analytics
  • Multiple integrations and much more


3. Sniply


Sniply is also a link-shortening tool for blog posts/ articles/ webpages. It offers in-depth analytics to track your target audience. When you click a link created by Sniply, they lead to relevant content but also displays the snip you created along with your CTA. Depending on the plan, you can make form, text, or even image CTA. 


  • Custom URL shortener
  • Catchy CTA on every URL shortened
  • Monitor user’s interaction
  • Integrate with other marketing tools


  • Basic $29
  • Pro $79
  • Business $149
  • Agency $299

4. Bitly


A famous paid url shortener to connect your content and call for immediate action. If you aren’t looking for monthly use, Bitly’s free version will let you shorten long, messy URLs into a simple short ones. However, only its paid version will allow you to customize the URL with the brand name. It also has retargeting pixels to track your prospected leads. It also captures insight and data with every click. 



  • Starter $8/month
  • Basic $29/month
  • Premium $199/month
  • Enterprise custom package

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Rocketlink.io is another paid URL shortener in our list. You can create and manage branded links with it. Rocketlink.io is an all-around link shortening tool with retargeting pixels. It optimizes marketing effort, drives traffic to the website, and tracks all links on social media platforms. Furthermore, users can create a custom audience based on leads who already showed interest in your content and clicked the URL. Detailed analytics track your marketing progress. 



Final Verdict: Which is the best URL shortener?

At this point, you are familiar with the benefits of using link management tools. Moreover, we have also mentioned the top paid URL shorteners. However, Replug.io is an all-around platform that  offers a very handful of reliable factors. From branded links to analytics, bio links to UTM, and QR codes to traffic routing, it is a full-package tool. 

Replug.io acts as a product marketing assistant at affordable pricing. So, its safe to say there is no Replug alternative when it comes to top paid URL shorteners.

If you need further assistance, we are always here for extra help. 

Khadija Anwar
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