Top 19 Instagram Marketing Tools For Every Marketer

by Khadija Anwar
Instagram Marketing Tools

It’s no secret that making an Instagram profile is easy but if your goals is to be popular, then keeping yourself trending is a difficult job. If you are an Instagrammer, but failing to optimize & promote your brand on IG, worry no further. We have an amazing list of Instagram marketing tools that can assist you in visualizing your brand in real time.  

Instagram as a social media marketing channel, is vibrantly helpful for visually focused industries such as e-commerce. With an adaptation of new features, it is rising equally to Facebook. 

Here is the list of Instagram marketing tools to increase your followers and engagement19 Instagram marketing tools for effective marketing


Replug-URL-SHortener is a link-shortening tool that helps you promote your brand inside and outside of Instagram.

It has several amazing features that can help you with marketing on Instagram. The most prominent ones that can help your marketing efforts include bio links, branded short links and CTA’s.

much more. It is very helpful if you own an e-commerce store or sell a product. redirects your followers to product pages and maximizes the chance of conversions. is a cost-effective tool that optimizes marketing efforts and analyzes every interaction with the audience.

It boosts brand credibility by offering branded links and helps you understand how well links are performing in marketing campaigns.


  • Branded links
    Bio links
    Deep links
    A/B Testing
    QR code marketing 
  • CTA’s
  • UTM builder
  • SMS short links

The basic package starts from only $19/month. offers 14 days free trial

2. Contentstudio


Contentstudio is an all-in-one marketing tool for Instagram. It increases engagement and followers by helping companies manage, schedule, and publish content. 

Contentstudio is suitable for individual and mega companies equally. It has several integrations, such as Canva to design your post and Flickr and Pixabay to choose already available media stocks.

You can create, schedule, and publish content from a single dashboard. also helps to discover influencers in your niche and offers extensive analytics to improve performance. 


  • Instagram direct message
  • Post scheduler
  • Instagram influencer discovery
  • Competitor analytics
  • AI-based caption generator
  • Workflow approval
  • Canva integration
  • Ai-assisted tagging
  • Influencer discovery

You can enjoy a free trial of 14 days. 

Pricing: You can sign up for contentstudio for only $49 per month.

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3. Later 


Later is a link in bio tool that helps you promote your brand inside and outside of Instagram.

It has a bio link feature that allows you to share social accounts by creating a custom webpage for your social account and websites.
It’s very helpful if you own an e-commerce store or sell a product. Boosts your personal branding efforts and analyzes the performance of your links and marketing campaigns.

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4. Inflact 


It helps you attract potential customers by scheduling and publishing content on Instagram. Inflact helps you reach the right audience by keeping your Instagram active. It is also an AI hashtag generator tool and offers advanced direct messaging services.

You can track real-time analytics to check how your content is performing across social media channels.

Inflact offer 7 days trial.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $54/month.

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5. Combin


Combin manages multiple accounts simultaneously. It activates engagement automation and communication with your audience. It monitors incoming and outcoming activity and audience growth. Combin helps to plan and schedule Instagram content in bulk stories and posts.

It also allows you to pinpoint specific locations you want to target for your business. 

It offers a free version to try out all major functionality. 

Pricing: The personal package starts from $15/month.

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6. Kicksta


It helps you grow your Instagram by tagging and finding out competitors’ profiles. This is no secret; handling Instagram manually is hard. Liking and interacting with every post is time-consuming and generates less ROI. 

Kicksta helps you to define your Instagram strategy by targeting the right audience, which results in higher engagements and conversions. 

Pricing: The basic package starts from $49/month.

Kicksta offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

7. Heepsy


Another Instagram marketing tool for searching, analyzing, and contacting influencers. It also dissects the audience’s demographics and offers useful insights. If you belong to a brand, agency, or advertising company, this is the right tool to interact with top influencers. 

You can create an influencer list, export data, and start conversations.

Heepsy offers filters to find influencers by categories wise such as follower count, category, and location. 

You can try Heepsy for free.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $49/month.

8. Sendible


It manages Instagram as well as all social media accounts on a higher level. It helps grow your audience, attracts new clients, and reach social media goals from a single dashboard. It also supports integrations such as pixels, giphy & Canva to manage Instagram posts effectively.

You can collaborate with the team and clients by setting up an approval workflow and keeping your content in your hands. 

It offers 14 days free trial. 

Pricing: The basic package starts from $29/month.

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9. Brand24


It has made online reputation management easy and time effective. You receive a discussion volume chart, identify sudden shifts, and spot problematic issues even before they start and escalate. 

It offers automated sentimental analysis to cover and segment positive, negative, and neutral responses from the audience. You can engage in instant conversation if a user posts negative remarks about your brand. 

You can also check and export analytics to use them outside the tool.

You can enjoy a two-month free trial. 

Pricing: The basic package starts from $39/month.

10. Phlanx


If you are looking for influencer marketing campaigns and want to analyze competitors or just creep on celebrities, Phlanx is the right tool. It has an analytics calculator feature to provide useful insights into engagement rates, followers, and average comments and likes on posts.

You can enjoy Phlanx free for a month.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $39/month.

11. Mentionlytics


It is another comprehensive Instagram marketing tool. You can monitor mentions of your brand, competitors, or products in real time. You can respond to reviews, comments, and DM from a single dashboard. 

You can also track competitors and top influencers for collaboration. 

You can enjoy 14 days free trial.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $49/month.

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It offers a complete and clear interface and authentic analytics for Instagram marketing. You get advanced insights about social media followers and post engagements. You can choose any date range with one click to have detailed reports. 

You can also track hashtag analytics to check how hashtags are performing and what the audience feels about them. 

You can export data to use outside of the tool. 

It offers a 14-day free trial.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $9/month.

13. Sparktoro


SparkToro can help in Instagram marketing by providing insights into the audience’s behavior and preferences on the platform. 

Marketers can use SparkToro to discover what their target audience is interested in, who they follow, and what they engage with on  Instagram.

 This information can help marketers create content that resonates with their audience and optimize their Instagram marketing strategy.

Sparktoro offers a free trial.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $45.

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14. Analisa


Analisa is a social media analytics tool that can help in Instagram marketing by providing valuable insights and data about audience behavior and engagement. 

Social media marketers can use Analisa to track their Instagram performance and identify areas for improvement in their marketing strategy.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $53.

15. Gleam


Gleam is an Instagram marketing platform to run contests, giveaways, and promotions. With Gleam, marketers can create and manage Instagram contests easily, helping to increase brand awareness, and engagement, and grow their follower base.

Overall, Gleam can be a powerful tool for Instagram marketing to run effective and engaging Instagram marketing campaigns.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $97.

16. Promo Republic

Promo republic

Promo Republic is an Instagram marketing tool to plan and publish Instagram posts, create engaging content, and analyze Instagram performance. Promo Republic also offers access to a library of customizable templates and visual elements. Marketers can use these templates to create eye-catching Instagram posts quickly and easily, without needing to have design skills.

It covers in-depth insights by making sure your brand is consistent across locations. It organizes content for markets. It drives awareness by scheduling localized posts, advertising to your local customers, and managing conversions on Instagram. 

It increases online findability that gears up the chances of leads and conversions. 

Pricing: The basic package starts from $49.

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17. Yotpo


With Yotpo, marketers can leverage user-generated content (UGC) from Instagram to improve their marketing strategy, engage with their audience, and drive sales.

Yotpo also offers Instagram analytics that can help marketers track the performance of their Instagram marketing efforts.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $19.

18. Awario


Awario helps marketers to track and analyze mentions of their brand on Instagram, monitor competitor activity, and identify influencers to collaborate with.

Awario also tracks competitor mentions, monitors their follower growth, and analyzes their engagement rates to identify areas where they can improve their own Instagram marketing strategy.

Pricing: The basic package starts from $24.

19. Smartly

Smartly helps marketers to create and manage Instagram ad campaigns that reach a wider audience and drive engagement and sales.

Smartly also provides analytics and reporting features that can help marketers track the performance of their Instagram ad campaigns.

Pricing: You can book a demo with the customer support team.

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Bottom Line:

All the above mentioned tools are good in its way and can be beneficial for you as per your requirement. However, when it comes to planning, scheduling and analytics, Replug and Contentstudi is the best duo for Instagram marketing. If you are looking to automate content scheduling and create links that you can use to track analytics & convert more audience.

How do you do free marketing on Instagram?

You can publish audience-engaging posts with catchy captions and trending hashtags. Publish content regularly and keep an eye on useful insights with the Instagram analytic tool.

How do you attract customers on Instagram?

You can choose your hashtags wisely. You should also use all Instagram features, stories, reels, videos, posts, remixes, etc. Spotlight your website on Instagram and try to redirect followers from social accounts to a landing page. 

Is Instagram an effective marketing tool?

Yes, Instagram is a very effective tool for the e-commerce industry and visual focused fields. Instagram can drive brand awareness, leads, and conversions. It also offers useful insights into planning Instagram content carefully. 

Which content is most popular on Instagram?

Instagram posts/pictures continue to be the most used content form on the Instagram channel. They are easy to create, edit and upload. Instagram posts are more likely to catch an audience and high engagement rate. 

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