How to automatically shorten URLs in an RSS Feed

by Wasiq Naeem
Automatically Shorten URLs in RSS Feed

Below is a step by step guide to help you understand how Replug can shorten URLs in for entire RSS feed and use it for third-party platforms.

Step 1

Navigate to your replug dashboard and click on the RSS icon

retargeting pixels - Replug

Step 2

Click on Add RSS Feed button located on the top left corner. See below image for reference

Branded Links - Replug

Step 3

After step 2, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Select your campaign and in the second section enter the RSS feed URL that you want to shorten.

Replug check for content feed updates every 30 minutes. Click on the “Add Feed” button to generate the shortened URL.

You can now copy and add the RSS Feed URL to any third-party platform i.e. Contentstudio

link shortener - Replug

Step 4

Once the RSS Feed is created, you can perform the following actions.

URL shortener - Replug

Edit: You can update/change your RSS feed whenever you want.

Re-crawl: In order to re-crawl your entire RSS feed, click on the re-crawl button. It will be re-crawled instantly to fetch any new links that have been added for the RSS feed.

Preview: You can preview the list of posts from RSS feeds that are converted.

Remove: You can remove your RSS feed and create a new one or anything else.

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