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How to Create a Personal URL: A Step-by-Step Quick Guide

Arslan Jadoon
5 minutes

In the crowded online world, getting noticed is key. Enter personalized URLs – your ticket to stand out. They boost your brand, help with SEO, and make it simple for visitors to find you.

Forget random numbers; go for a web address people remember. This guide will explain the benefits of personal URLs and, explain their benefits, and provide step-by-step instructions on switching to a personalized version.

Let’s make your web presence pop!

What are personal URLs?

Personal URLs, or custom domain names, are web addresses tailored to an individual or brand. Instead of a generic string of characters, these URLs reflect your identity, making them more memorable and brand-friendly. 

The benefits include enhanced branding, improved SEO, and a user-friendly visitor experience.

Personal URL example?

Let’s say your name is Jane Doe, and you’re a photographer. Your regular URL might be something like:

  • Regular URL: www.janedoephotography.com

Now, let’s personalize it:

  • Personalized URL: www.JaneCaptures.com

In this example, the personalized URL not only incorporates Jane’s name but also emphasizes her role as a photographer, making it more memorable and reflective of her brand.

How to create a personal URL using Replug:

Replug is a link management, link tracking, and branded link-shortening platform that allows you to create and track custom short URLs. 

To generate a personal URL through Replug, initiate the process by adding your personalized domain:

Crucial Note: Replug automatically generates links using our default shortener domain, rplg.co. Nonetheless, you possess the option to elevate your brand representation and domain credibility by integrating a custom domain. 

This facilitates the use of branded domains in your advertisements, social link-tracking campaigns, and email communications.

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Here’s how to create a personal URL using Replug:

Setting up a custom domain:

Step 1: Access custom domains:

  • Open your Replug dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and select “Custom Domains.”

Step 2: Add a new domain:

  • Click on “Add Domain” to begin creating your personal URL.

Step 3: Connect the custom domain:

On the following page, input the following information:

  • Domain URL: This represents your branded or custom domain.
  • 404 redirect URL: Indicate the destination users should be directed to in the event of landing on a 404 error page.
  • Branded domain: This redirects users to the specified URL when they visit the root address of your brand’s domain.
  • Subsequently, click the “Connect” button displayed on the screen.

Note: Once your domain is added to the platform, the subsequent step involves pointing the CNAME in your domain registrar’s DNS. If you intend to redirect your root domain, consider adding @ or www. Remember that some registrars may not support the @ option, requiring the addition of www as a HOST value.


Step 4: Manage your custom domain:

  • Upon selecting “Connect,” your custom domain seamlessly integrates into your Replug account.
  • Here, you can verify connectivity status, modify domain settings, or remove domains if necessary.

Note: For further details on establishing a custom domain in Replug, refer to our help document.

Now that your custom domain is successfully added to Replug, it’s time to forge your personal short URL.

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Create your personal URL:

Step 5: Access Replug campaigns: 

  • On the Replug the dashboard select “Campaign” in the “Manage” section. 
  • Click the “New Campaign” button to start creating your personal URL campaign. 

Step 6: Select your brand:


Step 7: Select your campaign type:

  • By default, “Shortener” is activated, and all your links will be shortened. If you want to use Replug as a URL Shortener, you do not need to select any other option from the campaign type.
  • Select the “Custom Domain” you created following the above steps. This step is optional and only required if you want to link your custom domain. 
  • Once done, click the “Save” button to save your campaign. 

Step 8: Create your personal URL:

  • On the Replug dashboard, select the campaign you just created.
  • Paste the original link into “URL to shorten” and click “Create.”

Step 9: Customize shortened URL:

  • Choose an alias or keyword to personalize your shortened link.

Step 10: Configure link settings:

  • Adjust settings such as link expiration, tracking options, A/B testing, etc.
  • Click “Update” to generate your custom shortened URL.

Step 11: Share your personal URL:

  • Utilize the custom-shortened URL in marketing materials, social media, emails, etc.

Do more with Replug:

Empowering your marketing endeavors through personalized URL campaigns becomes a breeze with the right tools. The key to success lies in a comprehensive grasp of each aspect of the process and leveraging them cohesively within your marketing strategy.

Upon crafting your personalized URL, Replug steps in as the ultimate companion, offering in-depth metrics for tracking engagement across diverse platforms. Our link management platform equips you with robust analytics at every stage of your campaign, eliminating guesswork from measurement. 

This enables you to deliver precisely what your audience desires, exactly where they desire it. With Replug, it’s more than just a link – it’s a gateway to informed and effective marketing.

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What is a personalized URL?

A personalized URL is a customized web address that includes elements relevant to your brand. It’s crucial for branding as it enhances brand visibility, memorability, and overall recognition in the online space.

What are the benefits of using a custom domain for link shortening?

Using a custom domain for link shortening enhances brand identity, establishes trust, and allows for consistent branding across various marketing channels.

How does Replug help in creating custom short URLs?

Replug facilitates the creation of custom short URLs by allowing users to integrate their branded or custom domains, providing a more personalized and branded link management experience.

What are the advantages of using Replug for link management and analytics?

Replug offers comprehensive link management features, including detailed analytics, tracking, and the ability to customize and optimize links for effective marketing campaigns.

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