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What Are Personal URLs & Its Diverse Application

Mahnoor Shahid
7 minutes
Personal URLs

What is a personal URL?

Personal URLs, or PURLs, are like your online home address.

Are you tired of sharing long, complex, unattractive URLs that are hard to remember and promote? 

Do you want to build your brand’s reputation and stand out from the crowd? 

Look no further than personal URLs, also known as vanity URLs, custom URLs, or branded URLs.

Personal URLs are essential for a successful online campaign. They generate leads, close sales, and build loyal customers.

Imagine it as your unique spot on the internet that’s just for you! It’s a special web link that reflects your personality or business.

Now, the question is, how do you create personal URLs?

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of creating personalized URLs using Replug.

So, when someone asks, “Hey, what’s your Personal URL?” They want your special online space where you have everything organized. It’s for all the cool things about you or your business.

Examples of Personal URLs

Lets consider these platforms and types of personal URLs:

  1. Twitter: You can change the default Twitter URL to a personalized one. 

For example, the default URL starts with twitter.com/yourkeyword/ Your personalized URL can include your brand name or a variation of your username.

  1. LinkedIn: You have the option to personalize your LinkedIn URL. 
Personal URL

For example, the default URL given by LinkedIn begins with https://www.linkedin.com/feed/

You can also replace it with a custom URL with your full name, title, company, or industry. For example, you can use https://Mahnoor.linkedIn.

  1. Personal Name: You can stand out online by picking a special web address or slug that matches your brand or personal name. This is great for showing off your work, resume, blog, or other stuff that’s all about you. 

For example, you can create a URL like www.yourbrandname.com/your-keyword/

Personal URLs with your branded keywords help improve your SEO and branding. They are much more memorable than average URLs and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Craft a consistent brand presence with Personal URLs

Branded and personalized URLs do more than serve as web addresses. They enhance brand recall, establish trust, and maintain consistent style. These links are the behind-the-scenes champs in the digital world, making sure your brand shines bright. 

Plus, they’re like magic buttons that can get more people clicking and make your audience’s online journey way cooler. 

Using branded links isn’t just a choice. It’s an upgrade for your brand’s online identity.

Creating branded links is important for brands for several reasons:

  • Memorability: Peronsalized branded links are more memorable and can help in improving brand recall.
  • Trust and Credibility: They can help in building trust and credibility among the audience.
  • Consistency: Personalized links ensure consistency in branding across different marketing channels.
  • Improved click-through rates: They can lead to higher click-through rates compared to generic links.
  • Enhanced user experience: Branded short links provide a better user experience and can be more appealing to the audience.

Diverse applications of Personal URLs


Having a Personal URL is your passport to endless possibilities. Whether you’re a creative professional, small business owner, or aspiring influencer, it’s essential. 

It’s not just a web link; it’s your digital identity card that opens doors to personalized websites, portfolios, blogs, or even an online store. 

It’s your own slice of the internet pie. Others can discover, connect, and engage with your online presence

Let’s explore some applications of Personal URLs in different fields; 

  • Branding: Personal URLs enhance your branding. They make your web address more memorable. They incorporate elements of your brand’s name or your personal name. They also contribute to your brand’s reputation and online presence.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Replug URLs can be used in different marketing campaigns. These campaigns include social media marketing, email marketing, print-based marketing, and social media. They can be customized to match your business goals and your target audience.
  • Simplification: They simplify your web address by making it shorter, more concise, and easier to remember. They also enhance the user experience by providing an easy way for visitors to access your website.
  • Performance monitoring: Personal URLs can be tracked and analyzed for performance monitoring. This includes tracking click numbers, conversions, and referral sources. This provides valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and preferences.
  • User- experience: These URLs improve the user experience. With your own microsite, you can greet respondents by name and personalized content. They also provide an easy way for visitors to access your website and improve the overall user experience.

Without further ado, let’s dive into how you can create “Personal URLs” using Replug.

Creating Personal URLs with Replug

Creating Personal URLs with replug is super easy. You can simply follow the steps that are provided below and can get your Personal URL that has your name or specific preference of whatever you need. Let’s explore the procedure together; 

Step 1: Login to Replug


Simply Sign Upto Replug and “Login”.

Step 2 : Create a Brand

navigate to brands

After login, you will appear on the main dashboard. Next step is to navigate to manage and select “Brands” from the drop down menu to create a new brand.

Select “New Brand” and then add your own idea of what you want to call it, and add the URL of the relevant site.

Step 3: Create your campaign

Now, hover to “Manage” and go to the “Campaigns” section to create your campaign for Personalized URL.

Select your brand

At this stage, you can select your already created brand or even create a new brand from here aswell.

Select the brand you have already added. Then create and select your campaign type. Once all that is done, just click “Save Campaign”.

Step 4: Navigate to Replug Links


Go back to the dashboard, click manage, “Replug Links”

Create -Replug-Link

Click on “Create a link” and choose your campaign, add the URL you want to personalize, and “Save Link.”


Your Personal Link is created to share anywhere you want and check stats.

Once your “Personal URL” is created, you can edit it and add your name or brand name. 

What if you don’t want your Personal URL to contain “replug.link”?

In that case, you will need to add a custom domain to Replug.

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Create a personal URL with your branded custom domain

To create a Personal URL that does not contain “replug.link” and includes your name, you will need to add a custom domain in Replug. With your own custom domain, you can create branded links for your audience.

Here are the steps to add a custom domain in Replug:

Step 1: Navigate to custom domains


From the Replug dashboard, go to “Custom Domains” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Connect your custom domains

Depending on your needs, you can set up a CNAME or A Address for your custom domain.

Click on the “Connect” button to add your custom domain to your Replug account.

Follow the given steps to connect your personal domain, which you can use to create personalized URLs that reflect your brand.

Note: If you have a working website on your domain, it’s better to create a subdomain. Don’t direct your root domain toward Replug’s server.

Step 3: Create a short URL using your custom domain

From the Replug dashboard, go to the “Campaigns” and then edit the campaign you just added.

Step 4: Add custom domain

Select Domain-and enter campaign

Select the campaign to which you added a custom domain from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Save Link


Click “Save Link” to generate the Personal URL using your custom domain.

This will allow you to create branded and customized short links for your marketing campaigns, branding, and tracking purposes.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, Personal URLs are an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their online presence and brand identity. By using Personal URLs, you can improve your branding, simplify your web address, and enhance the user experience. 

With Replug, creating Personal URLs is super easy, and you can customize them to match your business goals and target audience. 

So why wait? Start creating your personalized URLs with Replug today and take your online presence to the next level!

FAQs on Personal URLs

1. How are personalized URLs used in marketing?

Personalized URLs boost brand visibility and engagement in marketing campaigns. They seamlessly fit into email, print, and social media efforts, adding a personal touch. By integrating brand or personal elements, they enhance branding, target audiences effectively, and increase click-through rates.

2. What are the benefits of using personalized URLs?

Personalized URLs offer numerous advantages. They improve brand recognition and recall by simplifying web addresses and making them more memorable. Additionally, they can be tracked for performance, providing insights into audience behavior and preferences and contributing to enhanced credibility.

3. How can I create personalized URLs?

Creating personalized URLs is easy with Replug:

  • Sign up on the Replug website.
  • Establish a “Brand” and set up a “Campaign” with features.
  • Generate a “Replug Link” by shortening your URL.
  • Edit your Personal URL to include your name or brand.

For added customization, create a custom domain in Replug. Access Custom Domains in Settings, add and configure your domain, and connect it to your Replug account. This ensures distinct Personal URLs without the “replug.link.”

4. What does PURL mean in marketing?

A PURL, or Personalized Uniform Resource Locator, is a customized web address that you can generate for a specific webpage, featuring personalized content of your choice. The purpose is to associate each PURL with individual members on your marketing list for a personalized experience.

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