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Top call-to-action tools – Proven CTA tips and tricks

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Best Call to Action Tools

You’re running an e-commerce store with top-notch products, vibrant themes, detailed listings, and genuine reviews. Coupled with high-end SEO and social media marketing campaigns.

Everything seems in place, but your conversion rates need to hit the mark. Then what’s the missing piece? Let us clue you in – it’s the absence of an advanced call-to-action tool!

Using an advanced call-to-action tool can make all the difference by converting your website visitors into paying customers. 

With strategic placement and catchy texts, CTAs compel users to take specific actions. Which ultimately helps you in boosting brand revenue potential.

Still confused? Don’t worry guys. In today’s blog, we’re covering everything from the finest CTA tips to the most cutting-edge CTA tools. Let us get you started.

What’s a CTA?

CTA stands for Call to Action. It’s an instruction that tells your audience what you want them to do next. These are commonly found in marketing and advertising but can be used anywhere you want to guide users toward a specific action.

What is a good call-to-action example?

A good example of a call-to-action is a clear and simple statement that tells users what to do next. For example, ContentStudio’s CTA “Try it for free” invites users to explore the tool without any commitments.

Best call-to-action tips to use

Call to action-

1. Try to use action verbs

Action verbs are the powerhouse behind persuasive CTAs. They prompt users to take immediate action, driving them toward the desired goal. Incorporate dynamic verbs like “discover,” “explore,” or “get” to instill a sense of urgency and motivation in your audience. Grab attention, Drive action!

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2. Focus on value

Communicate the value proposition clearly in your CTAs. Highlight the benefits or rewards users will receive by clicking through, whether it’s accessing exclusive content, unlocking special discounts, or gaining valuable insights. The more value users perceive, the more likely they are to act.

3. Create FOMO

Creating a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a potent tactic to drive action. Hint at limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or upcoming events to instill urgency in your audience. By suggesting that time is running out, you motivate users to act quickly to seize the opportunity.

4. Use fancy graphics and colors

Visual appeal is key to capturing attention and enticing clicks. Incorporate eye-catching graphics, vibrant colors, and captivating imagery to make your CTAs stand out. Choose visuals that align with your brand identity and message while grabbing the user’s attention.

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5. Catchy shapes or sizes

Experiment with unique shapes or sizes for your CTAs to make them visually appealing and memorable. Whether it’s a bold button, a playful icon, or a custom design element, think outside the box to create CTAs that stand out and invite interaction.

6. Keep the text brief

Keep your CTA text concise and to the point. Avoid overwhelming users with too much information. Instead, focus on conveying your message succinctly, highlighting the key action or benefit users should take.

7. A/B test multiple CTA’s

Don’t settle for the first iteration of your CTAs. Experiment with different variations, including text, design, placement, and color scheme, to identify what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing allows you to optimize your CTAs for maximum effectiveness and drive better results over time.

Top call to action tools to use

1. Replug

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Our top favorite is Replug – a powerful link management platform that allows users to create branded short links, track click data, and retarget audiences across various digital channels.

In terms of CTA generation, Replug enables users to embed call-to-action (CTA) overlays or pop-ups on shared links, directing traffic to desired landing pages or offers.

You can obtain detailed information about your website traffic, including the country, browser, device, and date, giving you precise insights into your audience.

2. Hubspot CTA

HubSpot’s CTA tool is part of its comprehensive marketing automation platform, designed to help businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. With its CTA tool, users can create visually appealing CTAs that seamlessly integrate with their website or email campaigns.

Hubspot- Call to Action Tool

Moreover, these CTAs are strategically placed to prompt visitors to take desired actions, such as downloading a resource or requesting a demo.

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3. Sniply

Sniply-Call to action tool

Sniply is a unique tool that allows users to add custom messages or CTAs to any web page they share, even if they don’t own the page. 

Users can create branded Sniply links that drive traffic back to their own website or landing pages. This CTA generation method leverages shared content to capture leads and drive conversions.


Scalenut is an AI-powered content marketing platform that helps businesses create, distribute, and optimize content at scale.

The platform offers a free CTA generation tool. By understanding user intent and preferences, Scalenut assists in generating CTAs that resonate with target audiences.

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Canva is a versatile design platform that empowers users to create stunning graphics, presentations, and marketing materials with ease.

While not a dedicated CTA tool, Canva provides users with the tools to design eye-catching CTAs that complement their branding and messaging. Users can create custom graphics or templates for CTAs to be used across various digital channels, from social media posts to website banners.


Things to consider when choosing your CTA tool

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing your CTA tool.

  • Consider your budget: Free options offer good basic functionality, while paid tools might have advanced features like A/B testing or performance analytics.
  • Think about your needs: Do you need a simple CTA builder or a tool with AI-powered suggestions? How important is customization for you?
  • Read reviews and comparisons: Researching user experiences can help you find a tool that works well for others in your situation.

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What is the best CTA generation tool?

Branded Short Links

Create and track branded short links for your business for better conversions.

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Branded Short Links

The best CTA generation tool is no other than Replug. This is because: 

  • Easy to Use: Replug doesn’t require coding knowledge. Get a free CTA builder specifically designed to craft compelling CTAs with customizable text, buttons, forms, and pop-ups.
  • Targeted CTAs: Replug allows you to define your target audience during CTA creation. This ensures the CTAs you build resonate with the specific user group you’re aiming for.
  • A/B Testing: Replug integrates A/B testing so you can track CTA performance and see which variations drive the most conversions. This data-driven approach helps you continually optimize your CTAs for maximum impact.
  • Retargeting capabilities: It enables users to maximize conversions by embedding CTAs directly within shared links, ensuring targeted audiences are directed to relevant landing pages or offers. 

Overall, Replug’s combination of advanced features and ease of use makes it ideal for businesses looking to drive engagement and conversions effectively.


What is an example of a call to action in AI?

AI can analyze vast amounts of data to understand user behavior, preferences, and context, allowing businesses to tailor their CTAs for maximum impact. 

Some of the common examples include:

  • Sign up today
  • Download now
  • See how it works
  • Join now

What is a strong CTA?

A strong CTA combines clarity, relevance, and urgency to compel users to take the desired action. It communicates the value proposition briefly and motivates users to act without hesitation.

What is a call to value instead of a call to action?

A call to value focuses on highlighting the benefits and value proposition offered to the user rather than explicitly instructing them to take action. 

What is a secondary call to action?

A secondary call-to-action serves as an alternative action for users who may need more time to be ready to commit to the primary CTA. It provides additional options for engagement, such as downloading a resource, exploring related content, or joining a mailing list, catering to diverse user preferences and behaviors.

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