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60 Best Call To Action Phrases To Increase Click Through Rates

Khadija Anwar
8 minutes

Marketing is successful when clients take actions that complete their customer journey. Call To Action phrases help to achieve this purpose.

You can get prospective leads and conversions with persuasive words.As much as a call to action can be irritating yet it can be the most powerful part of the marketing funnel. They create a sense of urgency to signup/ buy/ subscribe/visit the website or landing page.

We understand that crafting perfect call-to-action phrases can be tricky. Therefore, we have provided a list of effective phrases that have proven helpful over the years.

60 Best Call To Action Phrases

A call to action is used in all marketing funnels of the customer journey. Below are 60 CTA phrases that can help improve click through rates.

  1. Sign me up
  2. Sign up and save
  3. Subscribe now for free
  4. I am in 
  5. Register for free
  6. Join the community
  7. Sign up now to claim exclusive discounts
  8. Subscribe to join the community
  9. Subscribe to unlock deals
  10. Be the first one to know about new updates and offers
  11. Unlock exclusive benefits by subscribing
  12. Try it now
  13. Start your free trial
  14. 14 days free trial
  15. Try out for free
  16. See the product for yourself with the seven-day free trial
  17. You can enjoy a free trial without spending a dime
  18. There is nothing to lose in our free trial
  19. Start Now
  20. Get yourself Gift Today
  21. Shop Now
  22. Buy Now
  23. Complete Purchase
  24. Try out today
  25. Grab it today
  26. Treat yourself today
  27. Limited edition, buy now
  28. Buy now and enjoy the benefits
  29. Get essentials today
  30. Start right now to see instant results
  31. Give(product name) try 
  32. Discover more
  33. Find out more
  34. See it here
  35. See for yourself
  36. Download e-book
  37. Download the pdf to learn more
  38. See it in action
  39. Get the lowdown
  40. Ready to join?
  41. Join (platform name)!
  42. Join (brand) name now
  43. Join free (event at date) 
  44. Join to take the test
  45. Be a part of a growing team
  46. Book a free call with an expert
  47. Join to Get Inspired
  48. Come Join us!
  49. Save (no) %
  50. Claim your exclusive offer
  51. Get my discount
  52. Claim free shipping
  53. Enjoy massive savings with (no) purchase
  54. Don’t miss out on our biggest discount
  55. Hurry up, (no) days to end mega-deal
  56. Claim a one-off discount today and save big on your purchase
  57. Grab a huge deal with our limited offer
  58. Enjoy massive savings while stock lasts
  59. Redeem my voucher
  60. Add one more item to get free shipping

Example of CTA Phrases

  • We have divided CTA examples into six general categories i.e.
    CTA phrases for sign-up
  • CTA phrases for free trials
  • CTA for getting started
  • CTA for learn more
  • CTA for join us
  • CTA for deals and discounts

Examples of CTA phrases for customers to subscribe / sign up

This type of CTA invites people to sign up for free courses, subscribe to read blogs/newsletters, or sign up for future events/software products.


Replug is an all-in-one link management tool. It helps you create, optimize, and track branded URLs. Besides its link management features, it is a wonderful tool for creating customized CTAs. An in-built canvas helps you create CTA from scratch in real-time.

Replug’s CTA on the home page “Register for free” and “Get started for free” are highlighted in lemon blocks with black text.



New customers fear they might waste money if they don’t like the product/service and are already paid for a monthly subscription. Netflix ended this fear by offering a monthly free trial. Netflix charges after a month of free sign-up.



The homepage is pretty much clear in intention they want clients to go for premium rather than play free. “Go Premium” is attractively bold, while “Play Free” is in plain white.



Glossier is a beauty brand. On the home page, they have precise text with a real image of a woman’s face on the right side and lots of free space. They have highlighted “take this to your inbox,” intentionally asking clients to subscribe/signup for the newsletter. Simple and yet classic CTA. 



Examples of CTA phrases for free trials

CTA of this category let people use a certain product for a particular time without costing them a fortune and help them in deciding whether the paid version is worth of dime or not. 


HBO is a video streaming platform that offers seven days of free trials. You can cancel anytime. However, HBO is restricted to particular regions.


Postmates Unlimited#2

This food delivery service offers a seven days free trial for all $15 above purchasing. In some major cities, this offer starts from $2. If you don’t like the service, you could cancel the service before the free trial is over. 



It’s a classic streaming platform different from Netflix. It has a smaller library as compared to big streaming platforms. MUBI is highly curated and distributes films from emerging and established directors.


CTA For Getting Started

This CTA asks the audience to try out different phases, from free trial to virtual experience. 


It is an interactive cloud-based content design and visual communication platform. It helps to boost deeper understanding and connection between people. They have highlighted blue CTA “get started,” calling out people who want to connect with their clients in real time. 



InVision is used to create mock-ups for designs. They also have highlighted bold blue CTA with minimalistic design and precise text.



Asana helps you manage and organize projects in one place for a seamless workflow. It is a PC and mobile-based work management platform for induvial and team-based companies to work in collaboration.


CTA for Learn More

This section asks the audience to learn more and develop a readership about certain products/brands. 


Slack is a communication platform for messaging, calling, and sharing files among groups. It is secure and offers more features than email or zoom. They have highlighted CTA with dark purple “Learn More.” 



Kobo is a suit for eBooks, audio books, readers, and tablets. You can find a massive range of worldwide famous online books. 

They have used CTA in a different color than the rest of the home page. It is in purples: attractive and bold. 



Renewal Digital#3

Renewal digital SEO and marketing-based company, asking prospective leads to learn more about their services in the dark orange block. 

They also highlight free quotes in the same color. Both CTA phrases are highlighted in the home page. 

CTA Examples for Join Us

This type of CTA helps to build an online community. It helps to build collaboration among users. 


Monocle is a global magazine. It covers current affairs and lifestyle blogs. “Come join us” is a CTA that is putting conversational narrative rather than technical. 

They are selling tickets for online conferences and asking readers to join.


Neo-bank Waitlist#2

This is an effective CTA because it leverages the desire to “first to try” in exchange for the email address. That could be used for conversion rates.

Neo-Bank-CTA-Phrase-Join Waitlist-


Toms is a shoe brand that offers classic shoes, slip on, sneakers, and alpargatas. “Join the movement” is CTA to signup for a brand account. An email will help in sending updates about the new collections and deals & discounts.


CTA Examples for Deals and Discounts

This CTA is used in different parts of the year, such as summer sales, winter sales, mega deals, black Friday, and Christmas deals. For example, 30% discount on Independence Day, buy one & get one, 50% off on Black Friday. 



H&M is a clothing-based company. The CTA used in the banner is highlighted and precise. They are offering a 50% discount on all summer collections. 

You click “shop the sales” and directly land on the clothing items page. 



This is a voucher picture for Airbnb. They have asked the winner to cash the voucher before it gets expired. You click redeem now and directly land on the booking page. 


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How do you write a call-to-action phrase?

Your CTA should be catchy and serve a purpose. You can use CTA on the website, landing page, product page, social media, etc. 

 Here are five tips for writing down powerful and effective call-to-action phrases.  

1.Start with imperative:

Start strong and use action verbs such as shop, click, buy, and join. 

2.Employ 0 pressure:

Make CTA low risk. Let your audience feel they are exploring more without making a commitment. 

3.Craft persuasive copy:

Make your phrases concise and intrigue the audience to follow directions.

4.Spice up with a sense of urgency:

Try to add persuasive words in CTA that create a sense of urgency. 

5.Make it pop off the page:

Use brighter colors and white space around the CTA. A great call-to-action phrase is a combination of both persuasive language and great design.

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Replug: call-to-action feature

Replug’s call to action feature allows you to create and optimize branded CTAs.

The in-built CTA canvas is easy to use and helps you create pop-up CTA or button CTA from scratch. You don’t need any designer or technical knowledge to create one.

Replug creates branded CTA in seconds and broadcasts them anywhere across the web to catch potential leads that will boost your conversions.

It will also help you manage all your CTA data from a user-friendly dashboard to track progress: display, view, conversion, and clicks.

  • CTA Types:

Replug offers various call-to-action types, button CTA, link CTA, or form CTA. You can choose it according to your marketing funnel. 


  • CTA Style: 

Replug has six CTA styles as per clients’ needs and marketing campaigns. 



  • Customized Heading and Message: 

Compose a customized text that is relevant to your audience. You can decide the tone and formatting of your CTA message.



  • CTA Outlook Customization: 

You can change the background color, text color, positioning of the CTA, pop-up sound, and element visibility with Replug’s in-built canvas. 

  1. Replug-CTA
Khadija Anwar
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