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How To Use a LinkedIn URL Shortener To Drive Engagement?

Arslan Jadoon
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Maximize your LinkedIn impact with a simple move: the LinkedIn URL shortener. With a whopping 900 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the heavyweight champ of professional networking. Whether you’re job hunting or representing your business, engagement is your golden ticket. 

This guide explores the potential of LinkedIn short links to expand your audience and drive exceptional engagement. Let’s get started!

What is a LinkedIn URL shortener?

A LinkedIn URL shortener is a tool, like Replug, that transforms your lengthy and often unclear LinkedIn URLs into shorter, more user-friendly ones. Instead of sharing a cumbersome link, you get a concise and recognizable address.

LinkedIn itself provides a basic link-shortening service for customizing and potentially shortening your public profile URL. You can use the “edit public profile & URL” button for this. 

However, it’s important to note that LinkedIn’s native service has limitations. While it can create a short link to your profile, it doesn’t offer the additional benefits you get from more robust URL-shortening services like Replug.

Branded Short Links

Create and track branded short links for your business for better conversions.

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Branded Short Links

Power of a LinkedIn URL Shortener: Who Benefits and How?

Wondering who gains the most from a LinkedIn link shortener? Here’s the scoop:

  • Job Seekers: Spread your LinkedIn short link everywhere – on resumes, business cards, and social posts. The compact size fits even in the tiniest spaces, making it perfect for tweets or business cards.
  • Audience-Builders: Growing your professional audience? Short links (on or off LinkedIn) leading to your content or profile provide a sleek and analytics-rich way to attract viewers.
  • Brands and Recruiters: Share links to job posts or company pages effortlessly. Short links offer more space, cleaner lines, and increased opportunities to establish your brand.

Why use a LinkedIn URL shortener?

Utilizing a LinkedIn link shortener goes beyond mere character count reduction; it’s a game-changer for trust, professionalism, personalization, and brand image, ultimately leading to enhanced engagement. Explore the myriad benefits:

1. Trust and professionalism:

Short, identifiable links, especially branded ones, instill higher trust and professionalism. On LinkedIn, where credibility matters, a clean link boosts the likelihood of click-throughs.

2. Personalization:

Personalized and shortened LinkedIn profile URLs, like /ProTechAnalyst, create a professional and memorable image. Whether a brand or an individual, a tidy URL enhances your online presence.

3. Higher click-through rates:

Shortened links increase click-through rates as they are more recognizable and preferable to lengthy, complex URLs. Branded links, in particular, attract up to 17% more clicks, proving their effectiveness.

4. Improved sharing and engagement:

Short links are easily accessible for readers to click, copy, and share, fostering organic exposure. In the world of character-limited posts, short URLs save space, allowing for more compelling messaging.

5. Robust marketing data and analytics:

Unlike LinkedIn, Replug provides detailed analytics on every click, empowering you with valuable marketing data. Gain insights from the Replug Dashboard, enhancing your understanding of link performance beyond LinkedIn’s limitations.

Elevate your LinkedIn strategy, maximize engagement, and reap the benefits of robust analytics with the powerful Replug URL shortener.

Branded Short Links

Create and track branded short links for your business for better conversions.

Brand Your Links Now!
Branded Short Links

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How to create a short LinkedIn URL in Replug: A LinkedIn URL Shortener

Enhance your LinkedIn strategy with Replug, a comprehensive link management platform. Follow these easy steps to shorten your LinkedIn URL:

Step 1: Sign in to Replug or create a free account.

linkedin url shortener - Replug

Step 2: Choose your desired campaign from the main dashboard or create a new one quickly.

linkedin url shortener

Step 3: Paste your LinkedIn URL in the “URL to shorten” tab under the campaign and hit create.

linkedin url shortener

Step 4: Your new LinkedIn URL is generated. Click the edit icon to customize your URL slug.

linkedin url shortener

Step 5: Once you’ve tailored your LinkedIn URL, click the update button, and voila – you’re done!

Important Note:

The image above highlights Replug’s rich features alongside its URL shortener. By using Replug, you gain access to these insightful features, amplifying the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Elevate your LinkedIn game today! 

Branded Short Links

Create and track branded short links for your business for better conversions.

Brand Your Links Now!
Branded Short Links

Unlock key metrics to elevate your LinkedIn game with Replug:

Replug goes beyond just shortening LinkedIn URLs; it’s a powerhouse of analytics. Dive into these key metrics on the Replug Dashboard:

1. Number of clicks:

Track the clicks your link receives – a crucial metric indicating audience attention and engagement.

2. Time of clicks:

Discover when your links attract attention, providing insights into audience interaction over time, and complementing your campaign activities.

3. Device types:

Identify which devices and operating systems drive clicks, essential for optimizing digital marketing efforts and LinkedIn profile SEO.

4. Geographical data:

Uncover the location of your engaged audience, focusing your marketing where conversions are likely and detecting potential click fraud in paid campaigns.

5. Browser analysis:

Learn which browsers your audience prefers, ensuring a seamless experience and tailoring content for optimal compatibility.

6. Conversion performance:

Measure how effectively your links convert, providing actionable data to refine your strategies and boost overall performance.

Branded Short Links

Create and track branded short links for your business for better conversions.

Brand Your Links Now!
Branded Short Links


Why should I use a LinkedIn URL shortener?

Using a LinkedIn URL shortener provides multiple benefits, including improved trust, enhanced professionalism, personalized branding, and higher click-through rates. It also allows for better tracking and analytics.

How do I shorten my LinkedIn URL using a LinkedIn URL shortener?

To shorten your LinkedIn URL, sign up for a URL shortening service like Replug, or others. Paste your LinkedIn URL into the designated area, create a custom short link, and use the new, shortened URL.

Is it necessary to customize my LinkedIn short URL?

While not necessary, customizing your LinkedIn short URL adds a personal and professional touch. It’s easier to remember and can contribute to a positive brand image.

Can I track the performance of my LinkedIn short URL?

Yes, most LinkedIn URL shorteners offer analytics that allows you to track the performance of your short URLs. Metrics may include the number of clicks, time of clicks, device types, geographical data, and more.

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