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12 Most Popular TikTok Memes & Trends 

Manahil Asif
5 minutes
TikTok Memes

Let’s face it: even if we’re not die-hard TikTok addicts, we’ve all certainly stopped upon a funny TikTok meme at some point in our daily lives. It’s because TikTok videos go viral in hours if not minutes, and end up all over the web. 

In this blog, we’ll showcase some of the most popular memes on TikTok that will make you LOL! Get ready to be entertained and amazed as we explore these hilarious internet gems. 

Plus, we’ve got some meme ideas for all you interested creators out there. And if you’ve got burning questions about memes on TikTok, we’ve got you covered with some FAQs.

Let’s dive in!

What is TikTok meme marketing?

TikTok meme marketing promotes companies or products on the TikTok platform by using humorous and relatable memes. This strategy is based on originality, authenticity, and involvement with current trends and challenges. 

Brands often collaborate with TikTok influencers to generate meme-based content that entertains and engages audiences.

Successful TikTok meme marketing is shareable, timely, and sensitive to the platform’s culture and sensibilities.

12 popular TikTok memes & trends

1. Hi Barbie!

Have you heard about Barbiecore? Or the “Hi Barbie.” Tiktok trend. It’s about taking on everything pink, playful, and feminine, taking inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll, just like Kristinnicolemiller_ did for her daughter’s birthday party.

2. Two Pretty Best Friends

Meaning that the more attractive friend always gets the most attention or is thought to be the more attractive one. The surprising twist at the end of the video is when the less conventionally attractive friend is shown to be the “pretty best friend” instead. Join the Two Pretty Best Friends challenge.

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3. TikTok ASMR

Feeling stressed? Well, this one’s for you! ASMR TikTok videos are designed to induce a tingling, relaxing sensation through gentle, repetitive auditory or visual stimuli. Just like this Asmr video Jojoasmr did on TikTok.

Famous tiktoker Jojoasmr shared a Tiktok ASMR Video.
Trending Tiktok ASMR

4. Oh No! Meme

We all have those moments of surprises, right? Well, the “Oh No” meme captures those reactions perfectly. It’s relatable and a great reminder of life’s little twists. Have a chuckle with some Oh No moments

5. Flags Trend

You read that right! The Flag trend goes viral on TikTok and other platforms, where people point out red, green, and even beige flags in other people’s behaviors and traits! Check out Brooklynandbailey #beigeflags challenges 

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6. Calm Down Dance

Remember when we heard the song “Calm Down” by Selena Gomez? People are dancing to it on TikTok, and it’s super trending right now. People are making funny videos based on the famous song. Join the Calm Down dance meme with Isabell.afro on tiktok. 


First time trying this😂 #calmdown #rema #afrobeats #calmdownchallenge Dc: @DENNISMIK💫

♬ Calm Down – Rema

7. This or That Meme

Prepare to make choices! The “This or That” trend has users picking sides on screen, revealing their preferences in a fun and interactive way. Explore the This or That Choices

8. Bad idea, right?

This meme involves a song by Olivia Rodrigo that has recently become one of the biggest TikTok trends. People worldwide, especially females, use it for tutorials and transition videos. Check out the bad idea challenge. 

The bad idea Tiktok challenge. 

9. I’m Just a Kid

The “I’m Just a Kid” challenge had users lip-syncing a simple plan song while sharing childhood photos. It’s a heartwarming journey down memory lane for everyone involved. Join the I’m Just a Kid Challenge  

10. Renegade Dance

Have you seen the “Renegade” dance that took TikTok by storm? People were nailing those complex dance moves left and right. It is a fantastic example of how TikTok brings people together through dance. Here, we spotted Charlie D’ Amelio, the most followers tiktok sensation doing the Renegade dance challenge


11. TikTok made me buy it

This is about a trend where TikTokers buy the most random gadgets they find on TikTok. Some of these are great finds, and we recommend you follow this trend if you love buying things you didn’t know you needed! Go check out some Tiktokmademebuyit products.

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12. Have an “ick” to share with the class?

This TikTok meme is a lighthearted way for users to express their pet peeves or share opinions on things they find strange or unattractive. It’s all in good fun and often serves as a way to bond with others over shared “icks” or to poke fun at everyday quirks and behaviors. New ick unlocked

New ick unlocked Tiktok challenge

Why meme marketing?

Here are a few reasons why you should go for meme marketing for your brand:

  • Sometimes, regular moments or phrases can become popular TikTok memes without warning.
  • TikTok’s “duet” feature brings people from different cultures together to create cool collaborations.
  • Trying out different formats: Short videos on TikTok are sparking creative storytelling.
  • On TikTok, some challenges go beyond just dancing. They include comedy, art, and education too.
  • Short-lived trends: It’s important to join in quickly before TikTok trends disappear, which brings people together.

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Here are some meme ideas you can create for TikTok

Sr.TikTok Meme Ideas
1.Follow the trend! 
2.Make a fun challenge that people will want to do!
3.Utilize popular and trending music from reels.
4.Misheard lyrics theater!
5.Share a bad day turnaround!
6.Tell a story or share an experience using only emojis
7.Add human-like commentary to your pet’s actions.

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How often do TikToks go viral?

Now, while some TikToks may go viral quickly, others may not reach that level of popularity. Success on TikTok often involves a combination of timing, creativity, trends, relatability, sharing, community engagement, etc. 

Funny Memes30-60%
Trend challenges50%
Educational Content20-50%
Vlogs & recipes20-40%
DIYs & hacks 20-50%

And even if a TikTok doesn’t go viral, consistent posting and engaging with your audience can help you build a dedicated following and increase your chances of creating content that will develop familiarity with viewers over time.

To sum up, TikTok’s popular memes and trends have changed how we connect and share funny things online. From the trend “Two Pretty Best Friends” to the trend “I’m Just a Kid,” these popular things on TikTok show how entertaining TikTok can be. For marketers, it’s a place where creativity flourishes, providing chances to connect with audiences through meme marketing. 


What is a TikTok meme?

A TikTok meme is a funny trend or joke that quickly spreads on TikTok. These memes usually include fun videos, sounds, or challenges that many TikTok users copy, change, and share. 

Can businesses use TikTok memes for marketing?

Yes, businesses can leverage TikTok memes for marketing by incorporating trends or creating original, humorous content that aligns with their brand identity.

Are there any copyright considerations when using music in TikTok memes?

Yes, using copyrighted music can lead to issues with your videos on TikTok. Using licensed or royalty-free music or sticking to the available TikTok sound library is important to avoid copyright violations.

Can TikTok memes go viral outside of TikTok?

Yes, TikTok memes often cross over to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where they can continue to gain popularity.

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