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How to Create a Short URL: Step-by-Step Guide

Arslan Jadoon
5 minutes
how to create a short url

Are long web addresses a pain? Say goodbye to awkward long URLs and hello to short links

This guide will walk you through the process of creating short URLs step-by-step. 

Also, discover the benefits of short links, from improving user experience to boosting your online presence.

What is a short URL link?

A short URL, also known as a shortened URL or a tiny URL, is a compact version of a regular web address (URL). It is created by using a URL shortener tool, which takes a long URL and generates a shorter, more concise version.

For example, a regular URL might look like this:


A shortened version of the same URL could look like this:


The main purpose of using short URLs is to make long web addresses more manageable, shareable, and user-friendly.

How to create a short URL?

Replug helps you create short URLs with ease. Here’s how to create a short URL using Replug!

Step 1: Sign in to Replug or create an account for free (no credit card required). 

Step 2: On the main dashboard click “Select your campaign” to give your short URL campaign a name. You can create a new campaign name in just a few seconds. 


Step 3: Enter the long original URL in the “URL to Shorten” section just below “Select your campaign” and hit the “Create” button.


Step 4:  Replug usually allows you to customize the shortened URL. You can choose a unique identifier or keyword to make the link more memorable or reflective of your content.


Step 5: Once the short URL is customized, copy and share this link on social media, emails, websites, or any other platform where you want to direct users to the original content.

Step 6: Once done just hit the “Update” button. 

Branded Short Links

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View analytics on your links:

Replug offers link tracking and analytics features. You can access the dashboard to monitor the performance of your short URLs, including the number of clicks, geographic locations of the users, and more.

Step 7: Go to the main dashboard and click “Replug links” under “Manage” to check your link’s analytics.


Step 8: Here you’ll find all your shortened links. Click on the “3 dots” under the actions tab, then select “view stats” for detailed link analytics. 


Why manage your links with Replug?

Managing your links with Replug offers several valuable benefits that can enhance your digital marketing efforts and online presence:

  1. Link Shortening and Customization: Replug allows you to create short and memorable links for your long URLs, making it easier to share them on social media, emails, and other platforms with character limitations. You can also customize the short URLs to reflect your brand or content, increasing brand recognition.
  2. Link Tracking and Analytics: With Replug, you can track the performance of your shortened links. It provides valuable insights into how many clicks your links receive, which geographic locations your audience is coming from, and other relevant data. This information enables you to measure the success of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA) Overlays: Replug allows you to add call-to-action overlays to the content you share. This feature enables you to engage your audience further, directing them to take specific actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a resource.
  4. Link Rotating and Redirects: Replug offers link rotating and redirect capabilities. You can use these features to distribute traffic evenly among multiple destination URLs or switch the destination URL without having to change the shortened link.
  5. Social Media Retargeting: With Replug’s social media retargeting feature, you can add a retargeting pixel to your shortened links. This enables you to build custom audiences on social media platforms for remarketing purposes.
  6. Link Management and Organization: Replug provides a centralized dashboard to manage all your shortened links and campaigns effectively. You can organize your links into different campaigns, making it easier to track their performance and manage multiple marketing initiatives.
  7. UTM Parameter Support: Replug supports UTM parameters, allowing you to add campaign tracking information to your links. This helps you better understand the sources of your traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  8. Branded Short Domains: Replug allows you to use your custom branded domain for link shortening. This adds a professional touch to your shortened links and reinforces your brand identity.
  9. Bio-Link Feature: Replug’s Bio Link feature enables you to create a customizable landing page that houses multiple links in one place. This landing page serves as a hub for your various social media profiles, websites, and other online destinations. Instead of sharing multiple links individually, you can direct your audience to your Bio-Link, where they can find all your important links conveniently in one location.

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What are the benefits of short URLs?

Short URLs enhance the user experience by reducing link length, improving click-through rates, and offering better tracking and analytics.

Are short URLs safe to use?

Generally, yes, but use reputable services to avoid potential spam or phishing risks.

Can I customize short URLs?

Yes, many URL shorteners allow you to customize the shortened link with your preferred keywords or branding.

Do short URLs affect SEO?

Short URLs have little to no direct impact on SEO, but they can make your links more attractive to users and encourage sharing.

What is a branded short domain?

A branded short domain allows you to use your custom domain for shortening links, reinforcing your brand identity.

Can I use short URLs for link rotation?

Yes, URL shorteners like Replug enable link rotation, distributing traffic evenly among multiple destination URLs.

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