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25 Ecommerce Marketing Tools For Successful Marketing

Mustafa Niazi
13 minutes
Ecommerce Marketing Tools

What are e-commerce marketing tools?

E-commerce marketing tools are platforms used to promote, sell, and optimize online businesses. These include email and social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and retargeting. By using a combination of these tools businesses can establish a strong online presence and increase their brand awareness.

Picture this: You have a great product, a beautiful online store, and the determination it takes to succeed in the world of e-commerce marketing. But for some reason, you just can’t seem to get the traffic, conversions, and sales that you need to grow your online business.

Well, in today’s digital age, it’s no longer enough to simply have a great product or website – you need to actively market your brand and products to stand out from the crowd. That’s where the right marketing tools can make all the difference. 

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the best e-commerce marketing tools. From email marketing to social media management, SEO optimization to customer management, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of tools that cater to all your marketing needs.

And the best part? We’ve included both free and paid options, so you can choose the tools that work best for your budget.

Let’s get started.

Social media branding and management

These tools are like your personal assistants that make your life easier by handling tasks such as scheduling posts, tracking metrics, managing multiple accounts, creating and curating content, and analyzing audience engagement.

Below are some useful social media branding and management tools that you can use to manage the social media presence of your e-commerce business.

1. Replug

Replug is a URL shortener that provides link management and conversion optimization to businesses and digital marketers. It is an awesome e-commerce marketing tool that offers several features to help businesses like yours grow.

First off, there’s pixel retargeting – this feature lets you track your website visitors and retarget them with relevant ads on other platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This help boosts your conversion rates, enhances ad efficiency and reduces marketing costs.

Next up, there’s social branding with branded URLs. With Replug, you can create branded URLs by adding your domain name that can be shared on social media, email campaigns, and other promotional materials. Custom URLs help increase brand recognition and improve the click-through rate of your campaigns.

Another awesome feature is customizable calls-to-action (CTAs). With Replug, you can add CTAs to any piece of content, encouraging users to take a specific action – like signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. This can help you drive more conversions and sales.

But that’s not all – Replug also offers a bio link feature that lets you create a landing page with multiple links to your products, services, and social media profiles. This simplifies the user experience and is ideal for platforms with limited link options e.g. Instagram. 

Finally, Replug offers detailed tracking and analytics tools to track the number of clicks, conversation rate, referral sources, locations and devices of your visitors on any link. So you can analyze which of your digital campaigns are working and adjust your strategy accordingly for a high ROI.
Here’s a review on G2 from one of Replug’s loyal customers.
Replug review

Pricing of Replug: Starts at $19 per month.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

2. ContentStudio


ContentStudio is an all-in-one solution for content marketing and social media management. You can use it to discover new content, curate posts, plan your content calendar, schedule your social media posts, and analyze your social channels’ performance using detailed analytics.


The best part? It integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and content marketing platforms like WordPress, Medium, etc, so you can manage everything from one place. Plus, it supports third-party tools like Canva, Giphy, and Google Drive, giving you even more flexibility to create and share engaging content.

Pricing of ContentStudio: Starts at $25 per month.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

3. Google Trends

Have you ever wondered how to keep up with the latest trends and find out what people are searching for on the internet? Well, that’s where Google Trends comes in. It’s an online tool that allows you to track and analyze the popularity of search terms and topics across different regions and languages.

With Google Trends, you can get a glimpse into the search behaviour of internet users, and see how different topics or keywords are trending. You can also discover related queries and topics that people are interested in, and even find out which regions in the world are most curious about certain search terms.

Pricing of Google Trends: Free. (certain features or data sets may require a paid Google Ads account or a Google Cloud account)

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4. UpPromote

UpPromote is an affiliate management software to grow your online business through affiliate programs. This tool helps you onboard affiliates, track their performance, manage commissions, and automate payouts. 

With UpPromote, you can create different commission structures and rules tailored to your business needs, and monitor your affiliates’ activity with real-time reports and analytics. You can also list your affiliate offer on their marketplace and get discovered by potential affiliates/influencers.

Pricing of UpPromote: Free plan available with basic features. Paid plan starts from $29.99 per month.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

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5. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a social media listening and analytics platform that you can use to keep an eye on what’s being said about your brand online. 

With Brandwatch, you can monitor and analyze online conversations about your brand, competitors, industry trends, and consumer insights. The platform uses AI and machine learning algorithms to gather data from various social media channels, news sites, forums, and blogs.

Pricing of Brandwatch: No fixed pricing is mentioned on their website. Contact their sales team for customized pricing.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

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Graphic designing tools

Visual content plays a vital role in e-commerce marketing. Graphic designing tools help you create visually appealing and persuasive content for your website, social media profiles, and marketing campaigns. These tools include graphic design software, image editors, and templates for creating images, videos, and animations.

Here are some of the best graphic designing tools for e-commerce businesses.

6. Canva


Canva is a great option if you’re looking for a user-friendly tool that offers a wide variety of templates and design elements to help you create stunning graphics. It’s perfect for creating social media posts, product images, and other visual content for your e-commerce store. And the best part is it allows you to create stunning visuals even if you don’t have extensive design experience.

Pricing of Canva: Free plan available with basic features. Paid plan starts from $54.99 per year per user.

Free trial: 1-month free trial.

7. Compressor.io

Are you tired of slow loading times and large file sizes for your website’s images?

Well, have you heard of Compressor.io? It’s an online tool that can compress your images and decrease their file size without losing quality.


Whether you have JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, or SVGs, Compressor.io can help you convert from PNG to SVG. By optimizing the compression algorithm for each image, the tool can achieve the smallest possible file size without sacrificing image quality.

This e-commerce marketing tool is an absolute game-changer. Your website’s loading times will significantly improve with smaller file sizes, and your bandwidth usage will decrease.

Pricing of Compressor.io: Free plan available with basic features. Paid plan is priced at $50 per year for 1 user.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

Email marketing/survey tools

If you’re running an online store, you know how important it is to stay in touch with your customers. That’s where email marketing comes in. With email marketing and survey tools, you can create, send, and track email campaigns, newsletters, and surveys segment your audience, automate your campaigns, and even do A/B testing to ensure that your emails are optimized for success. 

Here are some of the best email marketing tools.

8. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an email marketing platform to create and send targeted email campaigns that engage your customers and drive sales. It integrates with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento allowing you to seamlessly synchronize your customer data and track your sales.

Mailchimp also offers automation features such as abandoned cart emails and product recommendations, making it easier than ever to reach your customers at the right time with the right message.

Pricing of Mailchimp: Free plan available with basic features. Paid plan starts from $13 per month for 500 contacts. 

Free trial: 1-month free trial.

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9. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform designed for content creators and online businesses. While it is not specific to e-commerce, it can be used by online stores to create and manage email marketing campaigns to promote products, communicate with customers, and build relationships with subscribers. 

ConvertKit offers features such as customizable forms and landing pages, automation workflows, and subscriber tagging and segmentation, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their email marketing efforts.

Pricing of ConvertKit: Free for 300 subscribers with basic features. Paid plan starts from $9 per month.

Free trial: Available.

10. SurveyMonkey

If you’re looking for an online tool that can help you collect feedback and insights from your customers, then SurveyMonkey is worth considering. With SurveyMonkey, you can create and conduct online surveys, polls, and questionnaires that can provide you with information to improve your products or services.


Whether you need to ask multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, or Likert scale questions, SurveyMonkey has got you covered. And if you need more advanced options like branching logic or skip logic, SurveyMonkey has those too.

Pricing of SurveyMonkey: The basic plan is free with limited features. Paid plan starts from $35 per month. 

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

11. ReferralCandy

Imagine being able to reward your customers for simply telling their friends and family about your business. You can do this with ReferralCandy!

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing platform designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It allows you to create and manage referral programs that incentivize your customers to refer new customers to your store. Then you can offer them enticing rewards such as discounts, store credits, or even cash.

Pricing of ReferralCandy: Starts at $59 per month.

Free trial: 1-month free trial.

Monitoring and analytics

These tools provide you with insights into your e-commerce business’s performance, customer behaviour, and the latest market trends. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can track your website traffic, measure conversions, analyze bounce rates, and monitor click-through rates, among other metrics. Armed with this information, you can make data-driven decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the best monitoring and analytics tools for e-commerce businesses.

12. AdRoll

AdRoll-Ecommerce-Marketing-ToolAdRoll is a digital marketing platform that offers retargeting and prospecting solutions for businesses. With AdRoll, you can target your ads to potential customers who have already shown interest in your brand or website, which can lead to more conversions and increased revenue. Using machine learning algorithms and customer data, AdRoll delivers personalized ads across various channels, including social media, email, and websites.

Pricing of AdRoll: Pay-as-you-go option or you can opt for a fixed pricing plan at $36 per month.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website

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13. Google Alerts

Google Alerts for e-commerce is a tool provided by Google that allows you to monitor your online presence by receiving alerts whenever there are mentions of your brand, products, or competitors across the web. These alerts can help you stay informed about industry trends, identify potential opportunities or threats, and monitor customer feedback.

Pricing of Google Alerts: Free. 

14. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics for e-commerce, you can dive deep into your customer demographics, track their behaviour, and analyze their purchasing patterns. This data can help you make informed decisions about your online store and marketing strategies, as you can see exactly what’s working and what’s not.


Some of the features that come with Google Analytics for e-commerce include sales and conversion tracking, custom reports, funnel analysis, and real-time data monitoring.

Pricing of Google Analytics: The basic version is free with limited features. For paid version, no fixed pricing is mentioned on their website. Contact their sales team for a pricing quote.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

SEO optimization tools

These tools can do wonders for your e-commerce business by improving your website’s search engine rankings and visibility. With SEO tools, you can perform keyword research, analyze your website’s backlinks and your competitors’ strategies, and optimize your website’s content and structure for search engines. 

Here are some suggestions for top SEO optimization tools for e-commerce. 

15. Google Optimize


Google Optimize is an online tool that allows you to create and run A/B tests and personalization campaigns on your website to improve conversion rates and overall user experience. What’s more, it integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, providing you with insights and recommendations to optimize your website’s performance. With features like A/B testing, multivariate testing, redirect tests, and personalization, Google Optimize is a must-have for any serious e-commerce business owner.

Pricing of Google Optimize: The basic version is free with limited features. For paid version, no fixed pricing is mentioned on their website. Contact their sales team for a pricing quote.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

16. Moz


If you are looking to boost your e-commerce business’s online visibility and drive more traffic to your website then Moz is a comprehensive software toolset for search engine optimization.

With Moz, you can easily analyze your website’s keywords, identify opportunities for optimization, and receive recommendations for on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve your search engine rankings. Plus, Moz offers other helpful features like site crawling, backlink analysis, and competitor research to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Pricing of Moz: Starts at $14 per month.

Free trial: 1-month free trial.

17. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that provides you with insights and data to improve your website’s search engine rankings and traffic. By using Ahrefs, you can analyze your competitors, identify the most effective keywords, track your backlinks, and monitor your website’s SEO performance. This tool can help you develop an effective SEO strategy for your e-commerce business to increase visibility and sales.

Pricing of Ahrefs: Starts at $99 per month.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

E-commerce management tools

If you are tired of spending countless hours managing your online store, inventory, orders, shipping, and payments then listen up. E-commerce management tools can make your life a whole lot easier! With features like product listings, order management, and customer management, these tools are designed to streamline all of your e-commerce operations. 

Here are our top recommendations for e-commerce management tools.

18. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that enables you to create online stores and sell products or services online. It offers a wide range of features, including customizable website design, product and order management, payment processing, and marketing tools. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, BigCommerce is the perfect choice for any business looking to succeed in the world of online sales.

Pricing of BigCommerce: Starts at $29 per month.

Free trial: 15-day free trial.

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19. WooCommerce

woo commerce-Ecommerce-Marketing-Tool

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform designed as a plugin for WordPress. It helps you to create an online store and sell products and services online. WooCommerce offers a wide range of features, including payment and shipping options, inventory management, order tracking, and tax calculation. 

Pricing of WooCommerce: Free. (you may need to pay for additional services such as web hosting, domain name registration, premium themes, and plugins)

20. Magento


Magento, now Adobe Commerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows you to build and manage your online stores. With Magento, you’ll have access to powerful tools for managing your product catalogue, processing payments, and handling orders. Plus, its built-in SEO and marketing capabilities will help you attract more customers and increase your online visibility.

Pricing of Magento: Their pricing is not publicly disclosed. Contact their sales team for customized pricing.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

21. SearchSpring

SearchSpring is an eCommerce search and merchandising platform designed to help you deliver relevant search results, personalized product recommendations, and optimize your site search and merchandising strategies. SearchSpring offers features such as natural language search, product autocomplete, dynamic filters, personalized product recommendations, and visual merchandising tools. 

Pricing of SearchSpring: Starts at $599 per month.

Free trial: Not mentioned on their website.

22. ShipStation

ShipStation is an e-commerce shipping software designed specifically to help online sellers like you manage their shipping processes with ease. With ShipStation, you can import and manage all your orders in one central location. It automates tasks like label printing, tracking, and order management, making your life much easier. 


You also get access to real-time rate comparisons from various carriers. That means you can find the best deal for your shipping needs and save even more money.

Pricing of ShipStation: Starts at $9.99 per month.

Free trial: Available.

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23. Drip

If you want to build stronger relationships with your customers and increase sales then Drip is a marketing automation platform designed specifically for online businesses like yours.

With Drip, you can create personalized email campaigns, targeted advertising, and messaging that speak directly to your audience’s interests and behavior. By segmenting your customer base and using automation, you can send timely and relevant communications that will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Pricing of Drip: Priced at $39 per month.

Free trial: 14-day free trial.

24. Partial.ly


Partial.ly is a payment platform that provides a flexible payment solution for e-commerce businesses. With Partial.ly, your customers can pay for their purchases over time with scheduled payments, instead of paying the full amount upfront. This means that customers can make purchases that fit their budget and financial situation, which can result in increased sales and reduced cart abandonment rates for your business.

Pricing of Partial.ly: 5% + 30¢ per transaction.

25. Klarna

Sometimes, shoppers hesitate at the checkout page because they don’t have the funds to pay for everything upfront. Or maybe their paycheck hasn’t arrived yet. That’s where Klarna comes in.

Klarna is a payment solutions provider for e-commerce businesses that allow customers to pay for products and services through different payment methods, such as instalment plans, deferred payment, or pay later options. This flexibility increases conversion rates and reduces cart abandonment, as customers can complete their purchase without having to pay the full amount upfront.


Pricing of Klarna: You will be charged per transaction. Fees will be outlined during the onboarding process depending on the size of your business.

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Wrapping up 

With these e-commerce marketing tools in your arsenal, you have everything you need to boost your online presence, increase your sales, and transform your online store into a sales and conversion magnet. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tools today and watch your e-commerce business soar!


What are the top 6 e-commerce platforms?

These are the 6 best e-commerce platforms.

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Magento
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Wix
  6. Squarespace

What are the 7 C’s of online marketing?

The 7 C’s of online marketing refer to a set of essential principles for effective digital marketing. These are:

  1. Customer: Knowing your target audience
  2. Content: Creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and engaging content 
  3. Context: Delivering your content at the right time and in the right format 
  4. Connection: Building relationships with your target audience 
  5. Community: Creating a sense of community around your brand 
  6. Customization: Personalizing content and user experiences
  7. Conversion: Optimizing your online marketing efforts to drive conversions 
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